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Author : Sumit verma | Published On : 09 Jun 2021


The Gateway of South India and a well-liked metro city, Chennai in Tamil Nadu is one among the simplest cities in India to measure. It's among the foremost developed Indian cities and is understood for its fantastic civic amenities. Not only is that the city considered the cultural capital of India, but it also holds the reputation of being India’s safest city. Investors and new homeowners alike like better to own a bit of this glorious city because a property investment during this city can earn an excellent return on investments in only a couple of years. it's no wonder that folks are purchasing properties by taking over home loans in Chennai now quite ever.


Getting started with the home loan process


Select the property you wish to buy: You need to pick the property you would like to buy, speak to the builder about the property rates and obtain an estimate of all the prices in order that you're conscious of the principal loan amount you'd need.


Get your documents in order: It is recommended that you simply have all the required documents ready; be it your personal and employment documents and therefore the documents of the property you plan to urge to get your loan process started instantly.


Aspects of the loan: Your bank representatives will help you understand the aspects of the housing loan in Chennai. All banks provide maximum loans amount based on the property value considering regulatory guidelines for the Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) and Gross Monthly/annual income of the applicant. The bank offers a need-based principal loan amount.


Age group: Loans are offered to individuals between the age groups of 21 years to 70 years (at the end of the loan tenure).


You can get the simplest home equity credit interest rates in Chennai, starting at the Bank linked with Repo Rate supported the Bureau score with flexible repayment tenures lasting upto 30 years. With these low-interest rates and better tenure, you finish up paying a considerably low monthly EMI.


Loan processing fees: Usually the bank levies 0.25% to 0.50% +GST, which may or may not vary elsewhere, loan processing fee on the home loan amount, minimum ₹8500 and maximum ₹20,000 plus GST.


Pre-closure charges: The bank may or may not levy any penalties for closing the loan before the end of the home loan tenure.


Banks may provide certain benefits for first time home buyers:


  • The loan process is straightforward and easy and loans are disbursed with a fast turnaround.

  • You'll be able to customize your loan i.e. you've got control over the interest rates and tenures supported by your credit scores.

  • You'll be able to choose between a various range of loans provided by the bank to fit your budget and requirements.

  • You'll be able to use the house loan to require a second loan in the future i.e. you'll take a top-up home equity credit, a home extension or home remodeling loan, and so on.


Reasons to invest in Chennai Real estate:


  1. Chennai is a city that is continuously undergoing rapid infrastructure and commercial developments.

  2. New and improved amenities benefiting civic life are being added to the Chennai skyline every day.

  3. With an increased demand for housing in Chennai, the value of the real estate market in the city has also appreciated tremendously.

  4. Chennai is also known for its employment opportunities resulting in people migrating from different cities and states here all the time.

  5. The growth and rate of development in the city have been continuous without any drops or slumps, making Chennai a real estate gold mine.

So without wasting any more time, walk into your nearest branch and apply for a Home loan in Chennai.