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Author : Dina g Johnson | Published On : 29 Dec 2021

Pest Inspection services in Sydney are among the most crucial jobs. We have to control pests using various methods, like spot/trap inspections, ranging from dirt traps and pesticide spray or chemical treatments. These inspections take place at specific locations. However, they are not successful in controlling the pest because it is hard to locate them due to the limited view area.

With Pest Inspection, we must consider our client's needs and requirements.

We can help you if you have a pest problem at home or your business. Whether it's bed bugs, bees, or cockroaches, we handle it all. With a minimal degree of inconvenience to you, we want to remove these intruders around Sydney in the Hills, North Shore, as well as on the Northern Beaches.

It is possible to manage pests in several ways. The first step is to have a professional pest inspector analyze your property. To find potential damage or problems, they use a variety of techniques, including:


Whether you're about to purchase a house or need a pest inspection, we can assess if your property is vulnerable to pests or if they already exist.

Across Sydney, ASRS Pest Control provides comprehensive pest inspections. These services are not only comprehensive but also economical. No pest is safe. We will find any pests on your property.


Integrating integrated pest management and industry best practices into our pest inspection services in Sydney, we provide the highest quality pest inspection services for Sydney residents and businesses. We aim to find pests at your property and offer cost-effective solutions for removing them.

As one of the industry's leading pest inspection companies, ASRS Pest Control stays updated with the latest tools and techniques.


Even if you cannot see any pests in your newly constructed or existing property, they are still there.

Inspecting for pests is important for several reasons:

  • Insects can enter a building through holes in the roof, cracks in the foundation, and broken pipes and air conditioners, damaging the infrastructure.
  • You should be aware that pests can be a health issue for tenants if you rent out your property.
  • There can be a high repair cost associated with pest damage.
  • Reputational damage can result from bad reviews left by tenants.
  • Pests can cause damage to a property, lowering its value.

Termite Inspection Sydney

In a termite inspection, the task is to identify the termite infestation and advise on treatment options. Inspection by a professional will determine the cause of structural damage by analyzing all entry points into the home. An inspection of the interior and exterior of the house and its perimeter is part of that.

Moisture content is an important aspect of the inspection. The termite inspector uses a gauge to determine how much water is present in wooden structures. Abnormally high moisture levels can indicate an immediate issue requiring immediate pest control.

The fumigation process

Often, pest control is referred to as fumigation in layman's terms.

Technically can describe it as pumping pesticides into an area with the fumes of chemicals.

We don't use those techniques, though they eliminate dry wood termites outside of NSW and borers in antique furniture.

Environmentally Friendly, Low Toxic and Nontoxic Solutions

ASRS Pest Control uses the latest techniques for pest inspections and treatments.

We utilize both low and nontoxic chemical remedies that are safe for people and pets.

What is the use of successful pest control if it renders the home or organization dwelling unsafe for people to use?

Our team makes your overall health and convenience our highest possible concern, and we do so in an environmentally friendly way.

For example, it was necessary to apply a nontoxic treatment for cockroaches in some situations in a recent job.

We used hot air to flush the cockroaches and sticky traps with yeast tablets as a residual control method.

Our staff has rigorous methods and processes that will safeguard your health.

As there are no fumes present and nothing enters the air, you do not have to vacate your home or office during the treatment.