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Author : samir shaikh | Published On : 07 Nov 2023


We have taken the best ideas from each event and formed what we

believe to be the absolute best in hog roast catering.

Hog Roast With Hog'N'Cracklin

Hog Roast Catering

Hog Roast: Welcome to Hog N Cracklin. We are a small family business that now have the abilty to cover the whole of the UK. From small garden parties to the largest of wedding events we can provide your pig roast and BBQ.

Click here to see our delicious menus. Our Bronze catering menu is a super simple yet delicious meal. Roast pig served into fresh bread rolls with a choice of sauces and a sage and onion stuffing! Very popular with the bride and grooms wanting to spoil their evening guests! Our Silver menu has some fantastic sides and is popular with more formal events. Weddings, Christenings or just any event that needs to be that bit more special.

Are you looking for more than a hog roast?

We also offer a superb BBQ that we serve with an array of side dishes that can be seen here. Becoming extremely popular is our hog roast and barbeque served in tandem with each other! This really is an amazing spectacle that will have your guests delighted.

We have tried to keep our menus as simple as possible, all of them are tailorable to meet your needs. You can call the office or click the quote button above and we will try our best to have a quote to you within the day.

We are active members of NCASS and carry all the required certificates to operate. These will be emailed to you upon request.

For more information about our hog roast catering please see the about us page here.

Title: Savory Hog Roast Catering and Hire Near You | HogNCracklin.co.uk


Looking to satisfy your cravings for a succulent hog roast? Your search ends here with HogNCracklin.co.uk! We're your local experts in hog roast catering and hire, bringing the tantalizing aroma and mouthwatering taste of perfectly roasted pork to your doorstep.

Hog Roast Catering Near Me:

At HogNCracklin.co.uk, we take pride in crafting unforgettable hog roast experiences for your special occasions. Our expert chefs skillfully roast the finest quality pork to perfection, creating a centerpiece that's as visually appealing as it is delicious. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any gathering, our hog roast catering adds a touch of culinary excellence that your guests will savor.

Hog Roast Hire Near Me:

For the DIY enthusiasts and those who want a hands-on experience, our hog roast hire service is tailored just for you. We provide you with all the essential equipment, from the roasting machine to the premium quality hog, along with guidance to ensure your hog roast is a roaring success. With HogNCracklin.co.uk, you become the master of your own hog roast, impressing friends, family, and colleagues with your culinary prowess.

Why Choose HogNCracklin.co.uk:

Local Expertise: As a local hog roast specialist, we understand the preferences of the community and deliver flavors that resonate with your taste buds.

Quality Assurance: We source our hogs from trusted local suppliers, ensuring top-notch meat that's succulent and flavorful, creating a sensory experience that's second to none.

Customization: Our catering and hire options are customizable to your event's size, preferences, and dietary requirements, ensuring every guest is catered to.

Experienced Team: Our team consists of experienced chefs and professionals who are passionate about delivering an exceptional hog roast experience.

Convenience: Whether you opt for our catering service or hog roast hire, we provide a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event.

Contact Us:

Ready to elevate your event with a memorable hog roast experience? Visit HogNCracklin.co.uk to explore our catering and hire services. Get in touch with us today and let us bring the sizzle of a perfectly roasted hog to your gathering.


For mouthwatering hog roast catering and convenient hog roast hire near you, trust HogNCracklin.co.uk to deliver a culinary journey that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Savor the flavors, create memories, and make your event truly special with our expert hog roast solutions.

Visit for more information: https://hogncracklin.co.uk/