Application Process For IMechE Membership

Author : jack ronald | Published On : 12 Mar 2022

Are you a graduate with an undergraduate degree in a Maths, engineers, technology, or science subject and become a registered engineer in the future? If yes, then this blog is a must-read for you. It will familiarize you with the application process to attain IMechE membership as an Associate Member. 

This membership will remove all obstacles from your way leading to becoming a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer. The membership is so well-designed that it will allow you to take your career to the next level and meet your ambitions. 

Now, let’s move to the application process for IMechE membership: 

The application process of Institution of Mechanical Engineers membership consists of five steps which are given below: 


Check your qualifications: Before applying for the membership, you need to check your eligibility for registration as an Associate. Keep in mind that qualifications that are below a British Bachelor’s degree (Level 6) or above, like HNCs, HNDs, and Foundation degrees, don’t meet the academic requirements to become an Associate. 

  1. Log into your account: 

Before you go for an online application, you will be asked to sign in to the website. If you do not already have a user name and password, then you will be shown to create an online account. 

If you are a student Affiliate and have forgotten your membership number, username, and/or password find out how to have a password reminder or contact the Membership Applications Team on Tel: +44(0)20 7304 6999 or by means of mail at;, before you create a new account. 

  1. fill up the online application form: 

The application form is broken into the following parts which must be filled up before you submit your application: 

  1. Personal and employment details 

This information can be updated in My Profile

  1. Education 

You need to have a scanned version of any academic certificates to hand, as you will be shown to upload these. 

Your undergraduate degree certificate should have the following information: 

  • Qualification Award (for example, BEng(H), MEng, etc)
  • Awarding university
  • Subject Title of the award on a certificate (for example, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Class or Result (for example, 2nd Class Honours, Merit, etc)
  • Date of award

If any information given above is found missing from your degree certificate, you will also be required to upload a copy of your transcript/results. 

If not having received your official certificate, as you have recently graduated, then you will be required to submit a letter from the awarding body, which confirms the information given above. 

The authority can’t accept degree proof that states – valid for online-only or not an official copy. 

All documents have to be submitted in their original language and translated into English, if applicable. 

There is a 4MB size limit for uploaded documents (anything above this will lead to rejection). 

  1. Industry Classification 
  2. Stay in Touch

The authority has included a validation page that will highlight in case of any information missing. You can’t submit your application for assessment if there are incomplete sections. 

If you can’t apply online, then you need to apply with the PDF application form provided.  



4 Application submission and payment

You can submit your application for assessment when every part of the form is completed. 

On the completion of all sections of the form, you will be prompted to enter the details of your credit or debit card for the cost of the application fee (there is not any other form of payment available at this time). 

Having entered your card details, you will be asked to press the ‘submit now button. It will simultaneously receive your payment and send your application to the Membership Team. 

You will get an email to confirm the payment, keep this for reference, and another mail to confirm that the application has been taken. 

Your application will be checked by staff. You will be able to log in to your account to check its progress anytime. 


5Information regarding approval: 

When the application is checked properly by the authority, you will be informed in writing of your election by mail. 



Here, in this blog, we told you how to apply for IMechE membership. You should be aware of the fact that only knowing something will not allow you to submit your application properly. So, hire professional services for IMechE membership. Remember even a minor mistake can lead to rejection, so trust experts.