How to Select the Appropriate Lock (Lock Guide)

Author : Woodland Hillslock | Published On : 24 Mar 2022

When it comes to maintaining the privacy and security of your house, door locks attached with the assistance of locksmith Encino are vital. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes for both interior and exterior doors, and each one is designed to perform a specific job. Consequently, it is important to analyse a number of criteria and choose the most advantageous solution.

The task of selecting the most appropriate one that fully fulfils your needs from among the profusion of options accessible may seem overwhelming at times.

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind as you go through the often challenging process.


The first and most important factor is the area of your property for which you are looking for a lock. There are three key functional places in your home: the entry, the corridor, and the private area.

When it comes to your front door, you definitely need a lock that provides the highest level of protection possible.

Because inner doors seldom need a stronger lock than your front door, you may get away with using simple latch handles or doorknobs on them.

Security Level (Grade of Protection)

It's vital to grade a lock once you've determined what material it's constructed of.

Locks are rated from 1 to 3 on a scale of 1 to 3. They are classified as follows: For example, deadbolts designed for use in are available in all three classifications.

Grade 1 locks, which are often installed on the front door, are intended to provide the highest level of security and strength possible. In grades 2 and 3, they are intended for use in hallways, closets, and tunnels. Take the assistance of locksmith encino.


Another element to consider is aesthetics; however, this should only be taken into account when purchasing a lock if the function and security grade are both adequate. Fortunately, locks with any functionality are available in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and finishes, so you'll be able to choose one that perfectly complements your home's interior design scheme.

Price Needless to say, when selecting a lock, price should be the least crucial factor to consider. Generally speaking, higher-security locks are more expensive than locks that provide a lesser degree of protection. While it is more expensive, it is a fraction of what you may be forced to pay if your locks are broken into. Contact locksmith encino while getting your lock change.

Concluding Remarks

There isn't a single lock on the market that will fulfil all of your specifications. Choose one that "appeals" to you rather than one that "looks correct" when choosing a door for your property. It is vital to understand what kind of lock you need and to choose the most appropriate one.