Here Is Our Wooden Push Toy Walker

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Among the awakening toys of interest for the development of the child, there are baby wooden trolley cargo walker. Manufacturers market many models. They differ in materials (metal, wood, plastic), shapes (animals, vehicles, characters), l es colours and styles. At Kinderfeets Canada we sell prams and toybox walker. We tell you about it here.

The wooden baby push walker

It is a locomotive toy with wheels or casters on which a toddler sits astride. He moves with it by placing both feet flat on the ground and pushing with his legs. He steers it with his hands resting on each grip of the handlebars.

Beyond the fun they provide, wearers develop gross motor skills, the sense of balance and coordination of movements (especially the legs). These skills will come in handy when learning to walk. And for the children's balance bike, another two-wheeled traction machine. Carriers also improve the baby's understanding of his living space. They also stimulate their creativity and imagination. They are intended for children aged 12 months. They can accompany them up to the age of 5. Beyond that, they will be interested in other games.

It is an evolutionary wooden activity walker

It has two different features. He's a carrier. He is also a pusher. The transition from the carrier to the #walking trolley is easily done by adding a metal hoop with a handle at the back. The carrier is designed for children able to step over it. The push trolley is suitable for those who can stand on their own two feet, get up from a seated position and walk.

This 2-in-1 wooden walker can also evolve into three other learning objects for the baby. It can become a balance board, a small seat and a balance bike. It is the parents who decide the pace of transformation from one model to another. They must indeed always guarantee the safety of the baby.

It is a designer carrier

Our baby push walker is designed. This means that it is aesthetic, functional and innovative at the same time. It has beautiful shapes and colours. He is immediately recognizable. It stands out from the carriers currently on the market. It is also functional. He can quickly switch from a carrier to a walker. Third, it is innovative. It has a shared platform design. Its original shape offers new play possibilities for children (see below).

It is a modular carrier

It is also modular, transformable. It can be quickly changed to give birth to another item in a different game world. In this case, our motorcycle carrier can for example be transformed into a toy aeroplane, a car or even a quad.

The transformable nature of our baby carriers for 1st age can be explained once again by their original design as a shared platform. The triangular-shaped main part is similar to all toys. Only the parts specific to each model change. Switching from a motorcycle carrier to an aeroplane, for example, is done by replacing the handlebars with a broomstick and adding two wings on the front axle.

It is a carrier made in Canada

Our motorcycle carrier is made in Canada. The wood that composes it comes from forests. Most of our parts come from manufacturers present in the frosty regions. These are all companies on a human scale. We are very proud of it. We have chosen to manufacture our wooden toys in Canada to provide babies with the best guarantees in terms of safety.