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Author : raz smiths | Published On : 24 Aug 2021

That's available for public private partnership and scaling and it's awesome um shout out obviously for exciting about the hemp maze and the workshop i think that's great obviously there's so much so many of us we can preach it and talk about hemp cream and it just isn't real until you touch it you see it and you feel it that's a massive impact at bridging this gap exactly that's awesome um i see david's listening hello i'm glad to see you joining us by the way it's awesome um so so talk to me about how do we how do we or what do you need from the from us or from an association or group or others to really help move this forward what do you think that is needed on a on a big scale as well as within your community well.

Hemp Cream can Help My Pain

I would say that you all are already doing so much when it comes to the education and the um acknowledgement of this plant not going anywhere is here to stay we very much appreciate that i would say that if anything it we could add to the value of everybody being included in production of of industrial hemp and that includes the commercial aspect of getting more corporations on the horn to realize that hey polyester cotton that's not the only way that you can create a valuable product and it'd be profitable for your company and corporation but to also consider adding industrial hemp because the united states needs to lead the way again in the industry instead of other other countries.

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If we go to austria we go to europe we go to asia we've seen that they utilize this plant for centuries while we're just trying to continue to catch up um this is an industry that we can be the head of the of the curve in um and to also add to the exportation of our products to other countries and allowing them to understand that we can grow just as well as they can and we can also uh provide seed to those countries and not so much source seeds from overseas to the united states so i guess um i don't know if anything could be added to the great job that you already are with your organization that you yourself are already doing so that's kind of a hard question to kind of you know to kind of say or answer i'm sorry well there's i think there's so much right when we talk about education like farmers specifically you know i think there's a big piece of education that happens different or that you know we really need to focus on meeting our farmers where they're at and how many of you guys get on calls on a regular basis versus you're out in the farm working right or you're meeting with a handshake and within your community and so i do think that there's a piece of education that we can we're really going to strive to you know meet our farmers where they are so that they can take these slimming gel and how do we give them a bigger piece of that supply chain and the resource