Healthy Cooking—Guide to Nonstick Cookware!

Author : shw kart | Published On : 07 Sep 2021

Nonstick cookware has become a regular feature in the modern household kitchen. Non-stick simply means the kind of cookware in which food does not stick to the surface, making it possible to cook without oil, & makes cleaning a very easy task.

If you are an inexperienced cook, nonstick cookware online is the way to go for you. And to achieve a smooth non-stick surface there are multiple ways. Firstly, non-stick kitchen accessories used to be not popular. It's moreover because of using toxic materials to attain non-stick surfaces, but with the marvels of modern science, now we have made it possible to have toxins-free non-stick cookware that are free from any substances. 

Shiv Home World is one of the largest home & kitchen appliances online stores that offers a huge collection of cookware in both steel and non-stick ware, kitchen accessories, home décor items, cleansing products, plastic ware, crockery, home furnishings items, and the list goes on. you can shop for the best quality nonstick cookware online of various brands at the lowest prices.

Let’s look at some of the nonstick kitchen accessories and types of materials used to make them:

PTFE Non-stick cookware---

This is one of the old classic types of non-stick kitchen accessories most people have been used to. And these cookware are made using Teflon which is safe unless it’s overheated. So when your heat above 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended to cook under that temperature, it is because when Teflon gets overheated its surface releases harmful fumes that are very harmful to birds. So you can buy good quality and standard PTFE non-stick cookware online from Shiv Home World home & kitchen appliances online store. 

Ceramic Non-stick Cookware---

Moving on from the harmful & risky PTFE & Teflon kitchen accessories, ceramic cookware is a rather safer option when it comes to one of the best non-stick cookware online.the cooking surface is also coated with ceramic which is completely PFOA & PTFE-free. Shop for the best ceramic nonstick cookware online and buy kitchen utensils online that are sustainable and safer options to consider.

If you are looking to buy non-stick pans and kadhai online, you can get them easily from our store where we offer a wide variety of pots, pans, and kadhais online. All our kitchen accessories offer the best quality of usage, long-lasting coating, and safety.

Hard anodized Cookware---

Hard anodized cookware is made using aluminum which makes them very cheaper than other Teflon and ceramic branded pots and pans. Anodization is a process in which an aluminium pan gets oxidized till it forms a hard layer of rust to make it more durable and non-sticky. Along with anodized cookware, Shiv Mart also offers hard anodized pressure cookers online at very low prices. Anodized cookware is as hard as stainless steel, and also they are smooth and non-sticky compared to stainless steel and cast iron, these pans are cost-effective.

Get the branded hard anodized pressure cookers online of your choice and consider other cookware such as silicone cookware, etc.

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