Author : Ayesha Mehdi | Published On : 23 Aug 2021

The healthcare industry faces unprecedented legal, structural and operational challenges. Healthcare laws are rapidly changing, and there have been so many developments in past few years. The clients of the healthcare industry that are mainly hospitals or medical institutions strive to offer their best in patient care with the fast moving, highly regulated world of health care. They confidently do so, knowing that they have competent counsel helping them face and address the competitive forces and regulatory challenges specific to this industry.

There are so many agencies and companies for Healthcare Law Las Vegas that have tailored their services towards- Physicians, dentists, hospitals and other health systems, dialysis unit, pharmacies, nursing, medical spas, companies of health and information technology, diagnostic imaging.

Healthcare Law In Las Vegas

There are so many Healthcare Compliance Attorney Las Vegas who have trusted experience to navigate their health care clients through the set of rules and regulations involving referral relationships, fraud and abuse, provide reimbursement issues, licensing and certificate issues, and health information privacy and security. These Healthcare Compliance Attorney Las Vegas works with physicians, non-physician practitioners and other health care entities on billing and reimbursement matters arising under Medicare Investigations, Medicaid Investigations, and other governmental healthcare programs. They also represent their clients in connection with inquiries and investigations by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Americans have noticed their healthcare costs rise over the past few decades, and this increase does not come with its own cost. The Healthcare industry is filled with healthcare frauds. The financial loss by the caused by this widespread fraud is staggering. Numbers are estimated to reach billions of dollars each year and are steadily rising. But what is exactly Healthcare fraud? “Fraud itself is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. More simply, healthcare fraud is the filing of fraudulent health insurance claims. While the number of fraudulent claims that occur in United States id small, however the price tag is large. This is where HealthCare Law In Las Vegas comes in action.

The main culprit in healthcare fraud cases is billing. There are different ways in which billing can be way to do fraud- Phantom Billing- Billing for something that has never been rendered. Providers bills the insurance for some actions that were never been performed even. This can be done either by identity theft or by using the patient’s actual information. Second is Upcoding- This means doing the billing for services that are much more expensive than they were. For e.g. – billing done for a fully automated wheelchair however the actual product purchased was the manual wheelchair. Third in Unbundling- this means that the insurance company is billed for each step of the procedure as if they were separate procedures however in actual it was only one. Other is billing for a higher amount for co- pays that was actually paid in full or prepaid. There are many other types of fraud that can occur in a Healthcare Industry, you can always get I touch with Healthcare Compliance Attorney Las Vegas if you suspect any fraud and they can help you with the same.

Healthcare Compliance Attorney In Las Vegas