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Author : Akashik World | Published On : 08 May 2021

Akashik World is delivered to you by an experienced reiki practitioner Mrs. Sangeeta Jha who just features a pure intention of creating this world a way better and healthier place. Sangeeta Jha is an expert practitioner with years of experience, she agrees that folks face major mental and physical issues and she or he or he or he features a strong faith that this Reiki Ray technique could even be a helpful weapon to fight against emotional and mental stress.

Reiki ray is that the Japanese Healing technique delivered to India as an alternate to medication for the mental, emotional, and physical healing, this is often often often a fantastic Palm healing technique that permits the universal energy to undergo the palm of the practitioner and encourage the healing of the deceased.

This is an all-natural ancient practice that's helpful to urge better health, better sleep, better sleeping system, peace of mind, faster physical healing, relaxation and increases the effectiveness of the medication