Health Benefits of Sports Massages

Author : Deerfield Injury Center | Published On : 06 May 2021

Sports massage therapy is fast-growing in popularity among athletes. Nearly two million people suffer from sports-related injuries and receive emergency therapy each year. In addition to pain relief, a sports massage can be used to treat injuries, as well as to prevent damage to the muscle and connective tissues. It also promotes better tone, symmetry, and range of motion. A sports massage can improve the quality of posture, too. Anyone who engages in physical activity can help from this type of therapy, especially when used daily as part of your conditioning program. Learn more about the health benefits of sports massage available in many modern spas.

Increase Tissue Permeability

Undergoing deep tissue massages increase tissue permeability in the body. As the skin and underlying layers are manipulated via specific therapy methods, the pores in the tissue membranes open, allowing nutrients and fluids to pass through more quickly. Improved permeability helps to flush out harmful waste products, and helps the muscles in the absorption of nutrients and oxygen, which aid in improvement.

Increase Blood Circulation

A sports massage can also increase blood circulation all over the body. During a therapy session, the blood vessels are dilated or "stretched" to allow more nutrients to pass through. These nutrients are then carried to worn or injured muscles, increasing the speed of healing. Increased blood circulation also helps to reduce swelling caused by physical movements. The pressure used during various techniques aids in lymphatic drainage.

Aid in Pain Relief and Relaxation

Depending on the severity of the injury, pain, and discomfort can linger for days or weeks. Sports massages can aid in pain relief by decreasing tension in the body often responsible for pain. Therapy can also release chemicals called endorphins in the body, which interact with the receptors in your mind to reduce your perception of pain. Once your pain is diminished, the stretching and warmth of the muscles can improve rest.

Prevent Further Injury through Stretching

It's not possible to stretch all muscles through exercise alone. However, an experienced masseur is sometimes able to stretch tightened or overworked muscles that cannot be properly worked through physical movements. Through proper stretching and strengthening of these fibers, any built-up tension can be relieved, and the risk of future damages is reduced.

Improvement in Body Awareness

Body awareness involves understanding how your body moves and where it moves within a defined space. Sports massages found at many spas help to improve nervous system function, which provides athletes with a better awareness of their bodies. Increased body awareness can also lead to better self-confidence and a positive body image.