Author : australianopaldirect Uk | Published On : 15 Jan 2022

Opal gemstones are not only beautiful and shiny to look at. It also has magical healing powers. Opal's healing powers have been heard in various stories since ancient times.

The shiny opal gemstone is the birthstone of October. Opals are also associated with cotton. On top of its beauty, opal will make the wearer more loving and affectionate in both personal and family life and will ensure the wearer a better chance and magnetize others. This delicate gemstone is a must have for those born in October.This gemstone is also known to enhance the positive traits of those born with cancer. In addition, black opal is recommended for those born under the sign of Scorpio. Boulder and fire opal are lucky stones for those under Aries.


Some people think that wearing an opal necklace is unfortunate for someone who is not born in October. This stupid superstition comes from a novel by Sir Walter Scott in the 1800s, entitled "Ann of Gerstein". This is ironic because the Blue Opal ring has been considered the most fortunate and magical of all gems throughout history.Opal was once considered a symbol of fidelity, reassurance, religious devotion, the ability to preserve the life and color of blonde hair, and to cure eye diseases. The ancient Greeks believed that the opal gave prophetic gifts to their masters and protected them from disease. Europeans have long viewed the gem as a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.People believed that opal had healing powers that have been reported to help resolve depression and help wear find true and true love.In ancient times, the black opal was considered a very auspicious stone and was worn with a gold necklace around the heart in addition to its healing properties to protect it from evil eye and to protect travelers in distant lands, to enhance mental strength and creative imagination.In gemstone therapy, opals are generally considered to be the gems that people choose when working with a particular aspect of their personality.