Head on a romantic cruise to Diu with your spouse - Here’s why it is totally worth it!

Author : omkar mane | Published On : 13 Aug 2021


Planning a romantic vacation with your spouse may sound like a dream to many due to the current situation we are facing. There are still a few options and places you could visit for a vacation with your spouse.

You could take a cruise to Diu for your vacation and spend your vacation amidst the sea with your loved one. Various cruises plan such trips to various romantic places for the people. It is safe and you do not need to worry about anything. Here are a few reasons why it is worth it to head on a romantic cruise to Diu.

You could avail various offers provided by the cruise

While being on a Mumbai to Diu cruise, there are various offers you could avail. The offers differ from one cruise to another. You must find a cruise providing the offers that apply to your trip. There are various discounts and offers that the cruise provides for couples.

Most cruises have romantic honeymoon suites that you could book

While travelling on a cruise in India, you could select the different types of suites and rooms the cruise offers. You could book a honeymoon suite while being on your romantic trip with your spouse. These suites usually have special offers and are limited. Most of the cruises have a very romantic decoration and theme in the honeymoon suites for the couples.


They have some of the most romantic destinations

Most of the cruises plan their trips to many romantic destinations such as Diu, Lakshwadeep, etc. and you could easily visit these places by boarding their cruise. These destinations are good and are not very expensive. It is more convenient as you need to pack only once in the entire trip and the staff on the cruise would guide you throughout your journey. You could enjoy romantic destinations with your spouse with ease by boarding a cruise.

There are a few extra services provided while being on a cruise

The cruise provides you with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine on the first evening of your trip. They make sure that there is no inconvenience caused. They have multiple restaurants where you could reserve a table for a romantic candle-light dinner. You could enjoy these extra services and make your experience on a cruise even better. 

Most of the cruises offer a free cancellation policy

Most reputed cruises offer free cancellation policies where you would not be a charged any cancellation fee for cancelling a booking before 14 days of the date of departure. You can easily plan a trip with your spouse to your favourite destination and cancel your booking if needed. The entire amount paid for your trip would be sent back to you.

You can easily book a cruise in India online without any hassle by visiting the website and booking the cruise of your choice.

We hope that this article proved to be helpful and that you would travel to your favourite romantic destination with your spouse on a cruise. Thank you!


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