Have You Heard Of Organ Donation After Death In Singapore?

Author : Singapore Probate Lawyer | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

The Human Organ Transplant Act, also known as HOTA, makes it mandatory to donate human organs after death in Singapore, applicable to all residents living 21 years and older. Regardless of religion, and may apply to those under the age of 21 once the parent's consent/guardian is with the family.

Specified HOTA organs include kidneys, liver, heart, and coral. We can harvest such organs after the deceased passes away in the hospital, if applicable. The body of the deceased should be licensed by a physician only. If you intend to choose out of the donation scheme under HOTA, you can use the HOTA Opt-Out form to file a complaint with the Director of Medical Services. Then it gets transferred and submitted to the National Organ Transplant Unit. 

Suppose the objection arises not in favor and then after that if you change your mind. You must complete the withdrawal of the opposition to the removal of the body. Create and submit it to the National Organ Transplant Unit. Organ Donation After Death in Singapore happens, then follows the Human Organ Transplant Act.

If you opt-out of HOTA,  a lower priority is given to the family member if you need an organ transplant later. Without withdrawal of an objection, you will be given the same importance as the person who never objected after two years from the date the Medical Services Director receives the withdrawal application, provided you do not apply for another objection for two years. 


Post-death voluntary organ donation in Singapore for science functions as an opt-in (not opt-out) system, the Health Act (Therapies, Education and Research) allows anyone over the age of 18 to donate their organs and tissues to "education, medical or dental research, and scientific advancement for medical, dental, therapy, and implantation. The giver must give any gift in writing or verbally to at least two witnesses during the most recent illness. To sort out the crisis if Organ Donation After Death in Singapore happens, follow the Human Organ Transplant Act.

Make an oral statement in the presence of two or more witnesses and communicate the proceedings. Organ donation, you can only donate your kidneys or part of your liver. You must attend a mandatory counseling session of the Ministry of Health to understand the risks involved. A panel of experts from the Hospital Transplant Ethics Committee reviews your physical and mental health. You may or may not select a beneficiary. If the donee is a family, a one-week cooling-off period is mandatory. If not for a family, a one-month cooling-off period is compulsory.

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