Author : James Dor | Published On : 16 May 2023

There are many ways to lengthen hair, and hair bonding is one quick and painless procedure. It is the best method for treating hair loss since well-matched hair extensions are attached to the natural hair without surgery. Compared to hair restoration surgery, hair bonding is a procedure with a moderately lower cost. You may want to think about this treatment if you are experiencing air thinning.
Hair bonding is a creative way to provide the impression of real hair by fusing synthetic human hair with your own. By going through the hair bonding process, one can have completely natural hair.
The Treatment Process
If you're looking for a quick fix for hair loss, the hair bonding process is a good option. The artificial hair system is first attached to the targeted area of the scalp using silicon adhesive. Afterwards, it is mixed in with the hair strands that are already there. The user's financial ability and current hair texture are taken into consideration while choosing a hair system. But, in order to get the best care for your hair, it is most important to look for licenced, reputable, skilled, and well-known hair treatment specialists or hair clinics.
A trained and experienced surgeon can comprehend the condition of a patient's hair. He will analyse the hair to determine what kind of fake hair should be attached. At Hair and Care Weaving Point, Advance Clinic is without a doubt the most favoured and reputable provider of hair bonding services. Because of its success, the majority of individuals have embraced and decided to choose the hair bonding procedure.
Benefits of Hair Bonding
The best option for those who want to wear practically undetectable hair extensions is hair bonding. Also, using it on the hair scalp is comfortable.
Hair bonding is a seamless treatment for those who want to install extensions for both short- and long-term purposes. Hair extensions are different.
For those who value diversity in hairdo alternatives and feel at ease using hair extensions, hair bonding is a good option.
Hair bonding doesn't take long, although it varies from person to person. For some people, it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, while it sometimes takes longer. The length of time the hair extensions last depends on the individual's lifestyle and hair growth.
Side Effects of Hair Bonding treatment
There are always risks and adverse effects to hair treatments. Hair fall is the most common drawback of using any kind of hair extension. Also, if it is not done correctly, hair damage could result.
Some people may feel more pressure on their hair, which can damage it and make it brittle.
The adhesive used in hair extensions has the potential to burn the scalp and damage the hair follicle.
Note: These minor side effects can happen if the skin is resistant to the therapy. However, there is a lower likelihood of negative effects if you have hair bonding done in a licenced hair treatment facility like Advance Clinic. Following the procedure, you must take care of your hair and scalp. You can learn how to take care of your hair after the treatment from a hair specialist.
Advance Clinic Experience
Advance Clinic is a credible hair treatment clinic in Hair and Care Weaving Point and popular for non-surgical hair loss treatment for patients. We offer proven hair bonding treatment, and you can call on 91 9827103630 to fix an appointment for FREE DEMO!