Hacks to Pick the Perfect Upholstery Fabric for Your Chair

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 09 Apr 2021

If you are new to the upholstery world and having a tough time choosing the right one for your chairs then this article is just for you! Read between the lines to know more:


Since re-doing the upholstery now and then will seem uneconomical on many budgets so going with the durable upholstery in Brisbane will seem to be a great deal! Do the double-rub test then and there to see how the upholstery reacts to your subtle pressing and rubbing.

Additionally, the manufacture, mostly the authentic ones, advises you in choosing the best fabric as per their durability. So if the performance and durability of the fabric is a major concern then go with cotton, velvet or jacquard. 

Fabric Care:

The amount of care that the upholstery will require is also a decisive factor in purchasing it. So when you plan to redo your chair upholstery in Brisbane then make sure to choose according to the care needed to maintain the upholstery in its pristine state. The upholstery manufacturers imprint several instructions on them so if you are a super busy professional and need something which is low-maintenance and last for a couple of years then buy the fabrics that complacent with heavy usage.

Fabric types:

The type of fabric chosen can directly affect your budget hinted at the perfect upholstery choice in Brisbane. The fabrics are available in a variety of weights, colours and treatments that they are exposed to. Jacquard fabric has heavily dyed patterns on it and is an excellent choice if you want to make your chair a centrepiece of attraction. If your chair is going to experience heavy use then go with chenille fabric as it is abrasion resistant and highly comforting for daily usage.


You must choose the kind of fibres as per your comfort level in regards to the choice of upholstery in Brisbane. The common fibres used in upholstery fabrics are:

Cotton is highly comforting and breathable and comes within your budget. If you are a little lenient on your budget then linen fibres will prove to be an ideal choice as they are very strong and excellent for heirloom pieces. Silk can be an option but not suitable for everyday use. 

Pro tip: Acrylic and polyester are colourfast and great for heavy-use chairs. 

Colour of the upholstery:

The choice of colour can have a significant impact on your chair upholstery chore in Brisbane. The colour choice should largely complement the type of furniture present in the room. Natural beige colour is an ideal and popular choice as it does a lot in hiding dirt as well as being a neutral that can easily blend in with the majority of decor styles. 

Pro tip: The light and solid colours will aid in creating an airy, independent and inviting vibe to the space they are displayed.

The bottom line: Hope the above point helps you head towards the right direction of your fabric selection. If at all you find this task of re-upholstering tiresome then do not hesitate to hire the professionals as they help you be at par quality standards and finish the task promptly.