Guides To Buy The Best E-Juice Bottle

Author : River Supply | Published On : 14 Apr 2021

If you want to quit smoking and choose vaping as the perfect alternative, then make sure to get the best vaping devices and DIY e-juice bottles to get the optimal outcome. So, to get the most from e-juice and quit smoking most efficiently, you must choose your bottle of e-liquid wisely.

What you will need from E-juice bottles

When you choose the right bottle of e-juice, presentation and functionality are the two main things to be considered. Similarly to the beverages or cosmetic products, the bottles of e-liquids must seem aesthetically appealing on the shelf. Simultaneously, the bottles must also be like refills that must be capable of delivering e-liquid effectively into a variety of vaping devices. 

The e-juice bottles come in various shapes as well as sizes which range from normal to artistic forms. More number of e-juice manufacturers are making high-end aesthetics and creative labels to make their brand stand out from their competitors. 

The function of an e-juice bottle

Other than the look an e-juice bottle must also be capable of administering e-liquid into a vape pen or some other vaping device. These things are taken care of by the cap or the tip. These bottles generally come either in the form of a needle tip or a dropper cap, which must be thin enough to fill the vape pen cartridge without spilling easily. So, this is considered an essential thing that cannot be ignored, and it can impact the user experience directly. 

Bottle materials that are best for e-juice

The most commonly available bottle materials for e-juice are glass and also Low-density polyethene (LDPE). These materials are resistant to acids, which are often found in the different flavours of e-juice. The soft and squeezable nature of LDPE is also ideal for refilling the tanks of the vapes. 

Plastic and glass bottles

The glass bottles are used for e-juice flavours with more acidic nature to prevent chemical leaching and potency erosion. The glass packaging is non-porous, and so the liquid vaping products stay fine for a longer period. The plastic bottles are provided for less acidic e-liquids to provide shatter-resistant durability and a good grip. The bottles, which are manufactured from PET plastics, do not make any chemical reaction with the liquid, and hence the products remain pure. 

Besides these, as nicotine and other e-liquid ingredients are sensitive to light, so many e-juice bottles are manufactured with amber colouring, which can filter up to 70% of the harmful UV light. This is also another important thing that is being considered by various customers these days. 

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