Guide To Fix Facebook News Feed Not Working

Author : sophia Robot | Published On : 21 Jul 2021

Facebook, the most popular and most successful social networking platform of this time, was started out as a website where people can share their life events, images, and much more with their friends and family. Facebook is now available on the web, Android, and iPhone; being the top brand, Facebook always prioritizes the user experience and works hard to resolve any problem that occurs within their system. Despite their high efforts, users can still face some issues, and one such issue is the Facebook News feed not working. So if your Facebook News Feed not on iPhone, Android working, don't worry; we are there to help you.


Solutions To Deal With Facebook News Feed Not Working


Using the following solutions, you can easily fix the News feed not working.


Solution1: Check your Internet connection


Facebook news feed tends to be stuck if you are having low internet speed or a bad connection. Whenever you have a limited internet connection, your Facebook news feed does not refresh. That's why try not to have a limited internet connection.


Solution2: Maybe the Facebook server is down


Sometimes Facebook in your area may be down due to bugs or server issues; you can check this by using a down detector. Though you can not do anything in this case, you would still be able to understand that the issue does not exist at your end.


Solution3: Change News Feed Preferences


Facebook news feed asks the user what they want to see on the news feed options being most recent or top stories. Sometimes people have their preference set to Top Stories, and hence newsfeed does not refresh with new content. In that case, you change news feed preferences using the See more option in your Facebook App.


Solution4: Clearing the memory.


Maybe Facebook App has reached the upper limit of cache memory than it can use; hence in this scenario, it may be possible that you will not see anything new in the news feed. Go into the Settings of your phone, and under App setting, choose Facebook and clear App data first and then clear the App Cache. You will need to log in again to your Facebook App.



That’s all about how you can fix Facebook news feed not working issues. Hope you find this guide helpful and informative