Guide on DIY Acrylic Wooden Sofa Arm Trays to Help Keep Your Products Contained

Author : Albert Stewart | Published On : 26 May 2023

In any design project, the decorative trays may be considered as one of the last home décor items. If you ask any of the makers featured, they will remind you that the best is often saved for the last.  
These Wooden Sofa Arm Trays serve myriad purposes- they can be served as the dedicated spot for the house keys or everyday items. They are also used as a serving platter for some other drinks or can be a catch call for various books and periodicals. Couples love to have lots of pretty trays at their home. 
In most cases, Lucite or acrylic trays seem to be perfect for corralling items in a stylish manner. This item can easily make your home look chic and organized at the same time. But the major issue associated with this Shop Arm Tray for Sofa is that they can be really expensive. 
On this page, our experts have given various insights into how you can create your own Lucite trays, which are much less than 5 dollars and can be made just in 5 minutes. 
Perspex Acrylic Trays
As we know, clear acrylic trays are lightly weighted, low in cost, and stylish tools for displaying items and other products in offices. These items are also displayed in the retails, museums, shops, and waiting rooms we can say everywhere inside the house. 
We supply acrylic trays which are manufactured with genuine Perspex, and the main advantage associated with our material is that the Perspex and several others come with a ten years warranty. 
One more advantage of these Perspex acrylic trays is that they have large flat bases, which is why they are stable for those busy environments. These trays also have sides to keep all your products contained. 
Features of Acrylic Trays
• Have large flat bases, which are for their stability
• Are of instant use, and there is no requirement for assembly
• They are low in cost but are very stylish containers for displaying the various products
• They have sides which are to keep your display products contained
• They are manufactured from the 3mm clear Perspex acrylic
• They are light-weighed, and these acrylic trays can be easily moved and repositioned as the display changes
• Upon request, you can have your custom-based trays of customized shape & size, but the minimum order quantity is 20 pieces
• You can have an acrylic hospitality tray with integral carry handles or the Perspex acrylic trays with the dividers
• Quantity-based discounts are also available. Look at those discounted prices in the drop-down menu above. But if you are looking to Buy Trays Online of more than 50 pieces, then please call us to have our website trade rates on those beautiful acrylic trays
• These acrylic trays are manufactured in the United States of America using genuine Perspex-that’s why they come up with ten years Perspex warranty. We have issued a warrant for this extended period as they are guaranteed to stay crystal clear for more than ten years, even in direct sunlight.