Go on Alaska Hunting and Fishing Trips

Author : Ben Copper | Published On : 27 Apr 2021

Alaskan Big Game Hunting Guide

Alaska Bear Hunt - Hunters have the option of a spring or fall bear hunt. Spring bears are hunted through the Super Cub in April in the Alaska Range. Riverboat hunting in the Chugach Range occurs in May. Fall bear hunting is conducted through September-October in the Chugach range. All Alaskan bear hunts are 10-day prey. Both hunting areas provide excellent opportunities for large Alaska brown bear hunts with high-quality skins, as well as grizzly bears in particular in the Alaska Range.

Each hunt is amazing. Hunters can avail a benefit of the 10x10 shelter tent comfort, snowshoes, and good meals.

Hunters will primarily hunt on snow boots during the early spring months. When they first come out of hibernation, the bears are hunted in their refuse areas. Early spring bear hunting via super cub aircraft relies too much on being mobile. This helps to ensure a highly successful prey as each predator can rapidly be moved to a new area if a stalk is not successful. This is a very exciting and adventurous way of hunting bears and the hunter needs to be prepared for the lifetime hunting experience.

Time to Hunting Bear and Fishing

Although September certainly doesn't seem like summer in Alaska, it still left some salmon fishing for hard-core anglers. Late run fish and late tides of the silver run may still occur in the first few weeks of autumn. September may be a suitable month for Alaska hunting and fishing combo trips.

Best Place for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

There are so many incredible places to fish in Alaska; it's hard to know where to start. Your first choice is to live somewhere on a remote lodge or road system. Remote lodges feature fishing at an incredibly high rate.

The road system provides a much more reasonable price for guided fishing and you can do many different things with the flexibility of your own transportation. If you are living on a road system, the Kenai Peninsula is the best option for everyone for amazing fishing.

Areas to Hunt Alaska Brown Bear

For those people who want to hunt brown bears, there are some things to keep in mind. The largest bears are found on the Alaska Peninsula and the Kodiak Archipelago. This is mainly due to the breezy season, longer feeding season, and access to good quality food. But for us as hunters, these big bears, in fact, come with a price, as they usually hunt on the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak; they are more classy and high-priced. There are also other restrictions and rules when hunting Kodiak brown beer and peninsula brown bear.

The Fall Bear Hunt is performed on salmon-fed rivers via boats in the Alaska Chugach Range and in small alpine spike camps via small airplanes in the Alaska Range.

Casual camps combine the thrill of Alaska brown bear hunts with the real wildness of the area. Many bears can be seen on each hunt, but hunters need to be prepared and patient for hunting the fall bear.

The Alaska Peninsula produces, on average, more than 500 brown bears harvested each year in Alaska. To ensure a constant steady population level on the peninsula, Alaska alternates between the spring and fall seasons. One advantage of hunting the peninsula is that they are guaranteed tags, meaning that you will not have to hold on for the draw.