Global Scope of CPA and Job Opportunities

Author : Rahil Kumar | Published On : 19 Aug 2021

Earn the US CPA certification in the fastest way possible at the affordable CPA Course Fees in India compared to other courses in the industry. A chance to earn a higher salary in MNCs, Big4, within India, and outside India as well.



US CPA program is one of the highest accounting eligibilities in the world that are in high demand as reflected by their high salaries. The US CPA is equivalent to normal CA, Chartered Accountant qualification in India. If you aim to fast-track your international career in the accounting profession, the US CPA course is the perfect choice for you.


The US CPA prefix after your name makes you one in a million in the finance and accounting fraternity. You feel satisfied to belong to the most demanding elite group of the world’s highest Public Accountants. It makes your career opportunities as prolonged as the corporate world can be. You are universally trusted as an international accounting professional with high calibers. You are eligible to elect to any respectful position in the accounting industry.

US CPA exam is administered by the AICPA and NASBA represents the 50 State Board of Accountancy and 4 districts that define the Exam eligibility of the aspirants. Various states of the US have various sets of eligibility standards and a US CPA aspirant needs to be evaluated as eligible for a respective state before writing for the exams from that state.

The appropriate State Board of Accountancy holds the Exam score and after passing the CPA exam one needs to apply for the CPA license from the respective State Board of Accountancy in case he wants to practice as a Chartered Accountant in the USA.


Eligibility criteria

Aspirants must have a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Master's with a minimum of 120 credit points to sit for the US CPA exam. To obtain the US CPA license, the aspirants must complete 150 hours of the course semester. Several states demand aspirants to have 1-2 years of professional experience under a US CPA. Even Qualified CA and ICMAs are qualified for US CPA.


US CPA Program Fees

The US CPA course fee is usually around INR 1 Lakh for all four sections. Though, that may somewhat vary based on the number of exam sections you appear for the exam. It also modifies state by state. To better plan, your study material and fees, talk to our experts. Click here for the CPA Course Cost structure.