Get the Best Storage Solution with Boltless Rack in Singapore

Author : Howell United | Published On : 30 Sep 2021

Are you looking for a storage solution that is hassle-free and easy to install? Then this Light Duty Boltless Shelving also known as Boltless Rack in Singapore will be the most perfect solution. It is incredibly easy to install and dismantle since it is completely bolt free and does not require any specific resources or tools for assembly. Secure and quick assembly of the system only requires the fitting of rivet-type hooks slotted on beams and posts, therefore lesser costs and set-up time. Additionally, the system also allows for easy adjustment or relocation of the racks when required. This system comes in three different series, depending on load capacity, usage of decking material, and colour coating. These three series are MPS, BIZ, and IND Series Light Duty Boltless Shelving system.  

These days, the most common problem that many warehouses go through is the lack of available storage. Business owners know that it can be a challenging task trying to find out the suitable way to store items more optimally. Boltless shelving can be the most ideal option to maximize warehouse storage space as they provide the following benefits:  

Less effort and no special tool is required to build and install: since these storage solutions are boltless, professional installers do not have any difficulty installing them, especially when compared to metal shelving units. The only tool required while installing the shelves is a mallet. Due to this convenience and flexibility, the most suitable design that can provide the most efficient storage can be selected. 

Customizable: boltless shelving can be customized to fit any type of warehouse space. One of several options available is wire mesh decking that maximizes visibility but still provides a closed shelf. Other decking choices include wire grating, particleboard, melamine and metal shelves. There is also a selection of accessories. Shelving can be tailored in a way that can fit into each warehouse with convenience.  

Easy access: most boltless shelving can be accessed easily from all four sides. No special tools are required, which means all four sides are open and all stored items can be accessed easily. 

Durable: the parts of boltless shelving are typically made from steel. Due to this, they are considered to be one of the strongest options to provide adequate support when handling large products.   

Hence, if you are considering buying Boltless Rack in Singapore, then Howell-United Storage Systems can be one of the most reliable options. Get in touch and find out for yourself.