Get Ready for a Winter Camp Trip

Author : Leland Grissom | Published On : 13 May 2021

The weather in Central Tennessee stays good all year long. There are many opportunities to get away from the everyday grind and admire the natural scenery surrounding us.From breath-taking waterfalls like Burgess Falls to gorgeous landscapes like Bee Rock Overlook.You can also enjoy kayak trout fishing while canoeing in Tennessee.

Even during winter you can explore the Caney Fork River which is considered one of the best place to kayak in Tennessee. However, going out in the cold has its own set of challenges.You need to know what you're doing and schedule ahead of time. We'll go through a few tips to make sure you're well-prepared and at ease when camping, no matter what time of the year it is.

Check the weather forecast.
If you're residing in Tennessee, you likely already have worked out what to expect. Winters are damp and snowy, and nights can be painfully cold. However, it's a smart move to check the weather forecast from week to week to realize what obstacle can arrive on the way.

Dress in many layers.
You'll work up a sweat if you intend on hiking along or want to cross a few waterfalls or discovering any other natural things. Dressing in layers is important when hiking in Tennessee as you pass by lakes and waterfalls. In general, you would like to wear several layers, which you can add and remove during the day. You'll want to be able to remove enough clothes to avoid sweating if you get too hot in the middle of the day.

Stay warm in a tent.
In a tent, there are several solutions for staying warm. Make sure you have plenty of blankets and set up your tent in a wind-protected spot. Note that cold air sinks, and although you want to be safe, you wouldn't want to be in a valley if necessary.
If camping is not for you but you still want to explore the wildlife and nature, check out the Center Hill Lake cabin rentals.

Keep your clothes next to your body.
Keeping your clothes wrapped up in your blanket with you is a perfect way to remain warm at night (and begin the next day warm). The extra clothes help you to stay warm.

Bring a lot of food and water with you.
When it's cold outside, your body consumes more calories while your metabolism works to maintain a healthy body. So, whatever amount of food you usually carry on a camping trip, bring a little extra.

Also make sure to carry enough water with you and drink it regularly, even if you aren't thirsty.

Carry a camp stove.
When it is cold outside, warm water is more tempting than cold water, and you can even make hot drinks to stay warm. When it is cold outside boiling water is your best option for purifying your drinking water. Therefore, you must carry a camp stove to make sure you have plenty of warm water for some hot chocolate.

Have a good time.
Camping in winters requires some planning, and adapting your clothes to the weather could be immensely helpful. For more information or gear for hiking or kayaking, check out Caney Fork river rentals with Canoe the Caney.