Get Experiences for Underwater Photography and Buoyancy

Author : Bali Holiday | Published On : 06 Sep 2021

Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has hundreds of dive sites spread across almost all of the islands. This dive site has become one of the #world'sdivedestinations for divers because of its beauty and uniqueness. In addition to the government's incessant promotion to introduce #divinginindonesia, the popularity of this dive site is indirectly supported by hundreds or even thousands of photos or videos uploaded to the internet and social media by the #divers themselves so that the world community can also enjoy them.

No doubt, #photography or #videography is a very accurate image media to start an imagination of the mind. Therefore, the quality and beauty of photos and videos is the main key.

Many factors need to be considered to get the photo or video that we want. In addition to the quality of the camera that we use, there are several things that need to be considered as well. One of them is the #buoyancy of the diver itself.

Apart from other factors, buoyancy is something that must be mastered perfectly by a diver. With perfect buoyancy, underwater #photographers are able to position the camera and maintain the best position to get the perfect angle and opportunity to capture the underwater beauty.

The calmer and more regular breathing that can be achieved with perfect buoyancy will provide the opportunity to be closer to the sea creature we want to underwater photography.