Gerard Peters: Digital Gold

Author : Gerard Peters | Published On : 26 Jul 2021

Gerard Peters, founder, and CEO of QuantiFai Group, a crypto- FX fintech focussed financial services company is uniquely placed to capitalize on the Bitcoin investment euphoria. Bitcoin doubled in mid-April 2021 to an all-high of USD $65,000. Bitcoin accounted for over half of the more than USD$ 2 trillion market value of all the cryptocurrencies put together. 

Just a few months earlier, in October 2020, it traded below USD$11,000 per coin. Bitcoin is dubbed ‘digital gold’ as its supply is limited to 21 million unitsGerard Peters

Gerard Peters 

Bitcoin Trading Expertise 

Gerard Peters’s fintech company, QuantifAI Technologies is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency trading market. He has earned a formidable reputation as a financial whizz.

The QuantifAI risk-free arbitrage system is designed for crypto trades 24/7.

He curated various market-neutral machine learning-based algorithms for the FX master class and the cryptocurrency markets.

Peters’ systems are available to select institutes and have been well adopted to date. 

“We want to be remunerated when we add value because we are confident of the quality of our systems to perform and earn us our profit share.

I believe this is the proper way industry professionals should operate.” 

Gerard Peters:- “Charging large front load fees and not performing for investors is not acceptable. We earn when our client’s profit, that is fair to all parties.” 

Gerard Peters created a secure and non-intrusive portfolio management program for his investors. 

Clients will always be able to retain the entire custody of the funds they have allocated 

Following a major departure from all the conventional trading systems, QuantifAI clients are able to retain full custody of the funds they have invested. QuantifAI Technologies is maintained as a fintech company, not as a hedge fund. 

The algorithms are deployed directly onto trading accounts via the Separately Managed Account (SMA ) setup. This management system has specific advantages for clients : 

1.Clients retain full control of their funds: All the funds will remain in the clients’ trading accounts. 

2.Provides full transparency: All trading activity is ‘live tracked‘ and can be viewed anytime in clients’ trading accounts.

3.Win-win scenario: Peters structures his fees as a share of profit gained only, providing clients full confidence in Peters aligned interest in ensuring his client’s accounts are profitable. 

Details have emerged of a spectacular profitable billion-dollar Bitcoin trade deal in April 2021, when Bitcoin prices peaked. 

British Investment firm Ruffer has endorsed Bitcoin, calling it a ‘Unique Beast ‘ and a viable challenger to gold as an inflation hedge and store of value. 

Rafferty invested $744 million in Bitcoin in December 2020 and sold in April 2021, when prices peaked at $65,000, locking in a profit of $1.1billion. 

Another unlikely harbinger of good news for Bitcoin, Tesla's Elon Musk confirmed the company will re-accept Bitcoin as a form of payment again. During ‘The B Word ‘ virtual Bitcoin conference, Musk revealed his personal cryptocurrency holdings and his corporate holdings .’I own Bitcoin, Tesla owns Bitcoin, SpaceX owns Bitcoin, I personally own a bit of Ethereum, and I hold Dogecoin of course. 

I would like to see Bitcoin succeed ‘ he said. 

Tesla holds about $1.4 billion in Bitcoin. 

Following Musk’s personal endorsement, Bitcoin was up 6% at $31,952, Ethereum was 10.6% higher at $1,979, according to data from Coindesk. 

To Bitcoin critics that the cryptocurrency ‘s blockchain ‘simply cannot scale ‘ to support transactions on a worldwide scale, Musk revealed Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet services will be instrumental in raising internet bandwidth speeds to support the higher data requirements for blockchain node operators. 

Which is welcome news for Bitcoin investors? 

QuantifAI fintech innovations will be leading the way with their specialist knowledge and proven winning strategies for crypto investors.

The renewed optimism of new institutional players in the Bitcoin space will likely see a bull run again before it stabilizes at the end of the year.