Pure Turmeric Powder

Author : Nature's Hyd | Published On : 16 May 2024

Choosing 100% Natural Pure Turmeric Powder.

How does one identify pure turmeric powder? Safety of food is paramount today and one must be careful because the market is flooded with various products claiming to be pure. Turmeric that is grown using natural farming methods and free from chemicals is said to have all its medicinal benefits intact. Secondly pure turmeric will consist of its health benefitting compound Curcumin. It remains intact. Higher the curcumin, healthier the turmeric.

What makes Curcumin so Important?

Curcumin, also known as diferuloylmethane is an orange-yellow substance present in turmeric. It helps fight infection and virus. Extensive research reports indicate that Curcumin exhibits anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic, antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-cancer properties.

Due to Curcumin’s medicinal healing values, many chronic diseases can be controlled and prevented. Several studies have recognised Curcumin as a nutraceutical, a supplement that offers health benefits. A balanced immune system is needed to fight infections while maintaining normal energy levels. Pure turmeric powder with highest curcumin helps normalise the immune system that tends to become overactive during infections.

Yellowraw Pure Turmeric with high Curcumin.

Committed to sustainable agricultural practices, Nature’s Box adopts a beyond organic approach in its natural farming techniques to grow and deliver pure, chemical-free natural turmeric powder available as Yellowraw Ultima, the pure Lakadong turmeric with highest curcumin (7- 10%). There is high demand for this special turmeric for medicinal and culinary uses. The hilly terrain, suitable climate, rich soil and natural farming methods have helped farmers in this region to produce the world’s best turmeric powder in India. Nature’s Box brings this special Lakadong turmeric right from the source in its Yellowraw Ultima product.

Health benefits of Pure Turmeric Powder.

While we often hear the uses and health advantages of turmeric, most of us fail to notice if the pure turmeric powder is rich in its natural compound curcumin, which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and this is what makes turmeric healthy.

Using Pure quality Turmeric grown using natural farming methods.

Traditional natural farming methods avoid chemical- based fertilisers/pesticides and rely on natural bio inputs prepared from indigenous cow dung, cow urine and plant-based ingredients to enrich the soil, prevent pests and ensure healthy growth of plants. Nature’s Box is committed to adopt sustainable agricultural practices go beyond organic farming methods to grow and deliver natural and pure turmeric powder with its innate qualities intact. 

What is unique Nature's Box Yellowraw Turmeric?

Nature’s Box adopts natural farming techniques, inspired from Subhash Palekar Natural Farming methods. Utmost care is taken right from quality seeding to using desi cow-based manure namely Jeevamrutha and Beejamrutha, to enrich the soil and prevent pests. This contributes to healthy crop growth yielding medicinally rich and nutrient- dense produce. The signature products from Nature’s Box, namely Yellowraw Ultima and Yellowraw Premium are distinct type of medicinally rich pure turmeric powders. Yellowraw Ultima is the indigenous Lakadong turmeric which is high in demand for its highest curcumin (8- 10%), medicinal and culinary uses. Yellowraw Premium is a blend of finest varieties of turmeric known to be therapeutically rich with intense colour, flavour and aroma. Check https://naturesbox.in/collections/turmeric to purchase or know more about pure turmeric powder.