Florida Panthers Selling Out in Florida

Author : Ellie Joel | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

The Florida Panthers has finally made their move towards contention. They've brought in some solid players that are set to make an impact in the NHL. However, despite all of these great moves, the Panthers still haven't been able to bring back a playoff win yet. With that being said, there's still plenty that the Panthers can do to turn things around this year and hopefully bring a playoff win soon enough.

The Florida Panthers has made a lot of moves in the off season, signing depth players such as Barkov, forwards Tom Barkov, and Miroslav Satan, as well as acquiring some big names through trade and signing. This summer, the Panthers also made a pretty smart trade, acquiring Miroslav Satan from the New York Rangers for a second-round draft pick in the upcoming draft. Overall, it looks as though Florida has done a nice job of upgrading its talent. Now the Panthers just need to go out and play the games that count. Let's take a look at what needs to happen for Florida to reach the playoffs this year:

Get the heck out of the gate! After missing the postseason last year due to the lack of results, the Panthers had the worst record in the entire league last year. With that being said, there's no reason why Florida can't take advantage of this season and make a run deep into the playoffs. The first thing that needs to happen is that they need to get better at winning games in regulation and overtime. After all, the bottom line is that if Florida cannot win a couple of games in regulation and overtime, then they aren't going to reach the Stanley Cup this year.

Get the right crowd! Right now, the Florida Panthers is one of the worst-looking teams in the league. Their uniforms, the logo, the colors, everything about them is ugly. If the Panthers want to prove that they are a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference, then they have to sell out some of their home games and seriously beef up their attendance at home games.

Sell Out the Home Games: Unfortunately, Florida is one of those places where the selling of tickets is much harder than the buying of tickets. This is because the demand for tickets is so high and the supply is low. In addition, there are so many empty seats at home games that people are simply not buying tickets any more. Florida needs to do whatever it can to sell more tickets and get more people excited about the games. Getting the right people in the seats will make all the difference.

Adjust the Seating Chart: One thing that the organization needs to consider is the fact that the Panthers haven't been very popular over the last couple of years. In fact, they're only moderately popular, even amongst diehard fans. The seating chart might need to be adjusted to some degree if they want to draw enough people into the games.

Get More People Out to the Game: The Panthers need to do whatever they can to increase the amount of people who are excited about going to their games. You can do that by making sure that the Florida Panthers Hockey Tickets that the team sells are actually more accessible than the tickets that the team gets. For instance, during times when there are a lot of conflicts in the NBA, the Florida Panthers often sells out. However, at other times, the team does not sell out, yet there are plenty of tickets available. By doing this, the team will have a greater ability to draw more people into the stadium.

Get More Fans Out to the Stadium: The Florida Panthers has one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL. Unfortunately, that passion has caused the team to not sell out a number of times this season, which is hurting the team financially. You can do something about it, though. You can increase the number of tickets that the team sells by offering them for sale at a reduced rate. In addition to that, you can also offer incentives to people who buy a bunch of tickets so that the team can get more money from the venue.