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Author : Fizfy Solution | Published On : 24 Apr 2021

How to Increase Your Website Traffic without SEO?


SEO has always been a key element in the success of the business as it was because of this your website was able to rank in the top results of the search engine and that’s when people were able to discover your website and product. But what if you were asked to Increase Your Website Traffic without SEO or what if SEO never would have existed then what. 


Down below are some special ways through which you can attract traffic to your website without using SEO. In other words, you and your website will do just fine without help from SEO.

1. Use influencers

Influencers are the people with a huge number of following on social media platforms. You can ask them to promote your product by posting it in their account or you can sponsor them and in this way, they will highlight your product. You can ask them to do all the promotion and marketing of your product by giving them money. This is a great way to attract traffic to your website as people will trust and follow them. So it is obvious that people will trust words which are coming from their mouths.


2. Use social proof tools 

This is the best way to Increase Your Website Traffic without SEO. Social Proof Tools are these amazing tools that will not only increase Your Website Traffic but also boost your sales. With the help of social proof tools, you can use the latest and the most trending marketing technique which is Social Poof Marketing

The best social proof tool is Fizfy Social Proof Notification tool. It is trending as every business is using it and they are having nothing but a good time with this tool and it is available at a reasonable price. You can check it out here Fizfy Social Proof Notification tool is the best place to create recent sales notifications which will benefit your website a lot. There are 40+ powerful widgets which you can use to create Notification widgets.

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3. Try guest blogging

It is one of the best ways to Increase Your Website Traffic without SEO. Guest blogging may sound bit old but still, it is very effective as you can ask the other business if you can write a blog for their website and in return ask for back links. In this way, people will get attracted to your website when they will read blogs written by you in other websites and they can easily reach to your website as you have left your website’s link there. Make sure you write for the business which is popular and comes under the industry in which you are and also make sure that the blogs you are writing must be of high quality.


4. Use content marketing

Content marketing has always been an important technique in attracting traffic to the website. You can successfully attract traffic without using SEO. You just have to post high-quality content regularly and this will attract a lot of people as people love to read and you can use that content to inspire them to purchase your product. Make sure that your content is attractive and it must include bold headline which will capture people attention quickly.





5. Use social media platform

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn where billions of people are active every day. So don’t you think it is the best place to promote your business? Link your website to your social media accounts so that people can find their way easily to your website from social media and promote your product on your social media accounts. It is a surety that you will get a lot of traffic because of the presence of a lot of people. 


6. Emails 

Email marketing is a great way to attract traffic. All you have to do is make them fill a form so that you can get their email addresses and you can do that by making them fill a form and tempt them to fill that form by giving them some gifts. Once you have their email then use that to contact them so that you can increase website’s traffic.