Five Vial Points To Consider Before Choosing Professional Violas

Author : Bernie Wilbur | Published On : 03 May 2021

When it comes to string musical instruments, the viola is one of a kind. While millions of violin players are out there, a handful number of people love playing viola. Sitting between a violin and cello, the viola resembles violins while there is a notable distinction among them. Before we go into more details to guide on buying tips for your professional viola, we like to focus on the specific area where many people become confused to differentiate viola from a violin. Although, these instruments look relatively similar – typically a viola is bigger in terms of its size and bow compared to a violin.

Violins are designed with the highest e-string, however, it’s viola that has the lowest c-string. Further, the violin comes with strings in soprano; while the strings of the viola are in the alto voice. This basic difference is while the violin produces passionate, sweet, and melodic sounds while the viola boasts its ability to produce harmonious, velvety, and human-like sounds. So, as there is only a minimum number of viola musicians’ worldwide, learning viola is a great opportunity to establish your uniqueness. Secondly, when it comes to career opportunities, you will have high demand in the market as well as to music lovers. In fact, the viola is one of the most integral instruments for orchestras.

How to Invest In Best Professional Violas

Now after you have completed your beginner’s and intermediate session to learn viola and how on the lookout for professional violas, it’s important to note that professional grade of violas comes with a high price tag, and therefore when choosing your instrument, make sure to invest in brands that offer the highest value to your investment. For your assistance, we guide you to follow four expert tips below:


Undeniably, the background of the community involved in creating professional violas contributes a lot when it comes to the quality of the instrument - you expect from them. Rather than buying from online retail shops or dealers, consider buying your advanced level string instrument directly from producers with a background in classical and improvisational music and instruments.     


When investing in professional-grade violas, ensure always go for globally-acknowledged brands like Andrew Carruthers, Jacob Brillhart, Fabienne, S. Gonzalez Reyes, Thomas Oliver Croen, Robert McCluskie, Anna Sandys, Erich Schweiger, or its equivalent brands. They are among the world master makers of top-class violins. Equally, all these instruments must be diligently tested and finely tuned by the expert technicians of the shop before they are shipped.

Rent-to-Own Scheme

No wonder, investing in professional musical instruments matters when it comes to their costs. Equally, being a professional level musician, you must not compromise with the price factor – and you may choose a model that happens to be financially burdensome for you. Don’t be worried. Search for reputable online instrument makers specializing in violins, bows as well professional violas and offer a generously flexible ‘Rent-and Own’ buying scheme for music lovers. After choosing the model you desire to buy, apply for a rental equity scheme for the instrument that helps you own even a pricy violin, viola, or bow in an affordable way.

30-Day Trial Period

You are not investing in a beginner’s or intermediate model but for something that is meant for experts. Naturally, as investing a fair amount, being worried about the satisfaction level of your instrument is quite common. Verify companies that are equipped with a 30-day trial period for all kinds of instruments. In case, you’re not fully happy with the performance level of the instrument, trying this scheme will come in handy for you to apply for a return and after you ship the instrument back to them, you will get a full refund of your money.  

Scope of Repairing

Even after the warranty period, you should continue to get your costly instrument repaired by the same community as and when necessary. And this is the reason, as you go through the website of the company, verify if it’s outfitted with a repairing workshop too before you finalize the deal.

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