Facts About a Fire-rated Garage Door for Home or Business

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

Fire-rated doors help prevent the spread of fire from one part of a structure to another. For instance, if a fire erupts in a garage, closed fire-rated doors will allow the fire to spread to other areas. Depending on the area of your property, you may want to use fire-rated doors. If you want to ensure safety in the event of a fire, learn more about fire-rated doors.

1 – What is the meaning of fire-rated?

Generally, a fire that flares up in a garage can spread to other areas. In the context of garage doors, fire-rated means allowing a window to control, fight and be safe in the event of a fire. Fire-resistance rating usually refers to the period in which a passive fire protection system can withstand a standard fire resistance test. Rating is evaluated as a measure of time, functionality, and fitness for fire protection purposes.

2 - Timing Options for Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rating time depends on various factors. As a rule, one can expect it to be anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes. A strong fire-rated metal door can resist fire long enough for anyone in the vicinity of a garage to go for safety. Therefore, most fire-rated doors are metallic, hollow and prevent smoke from dissipating within the time slot.

3 – What factors to consider in choosing a fire-rated garage door?

When selecting a fire-rated door, ensure rating and proper installation. A fire-rated door is effective if installed professionally. Each fire door comes with specifications in the material, shape, size, and parts of the door.

Installing fire-rated rolling shutters, custom doors, and gates are great choices for your building's structure, beauty and security. Hiring the right professionals is essential if you want your fire-rated shutters to function optimally.

4 - Advantages of Fire Rated Garage Doors

1 - A fire-rated garage door protects people in your home, office, or business. They significantly slow the spread of fire while reducing flames, heat, and smoke; they can help save lives and property.

2 – A Fire-rated door is tough. It means they can protect your home or business facility not only from fire but also from burglars and potential hazards.


Get in touch with a highly qualified team for all your fire-rated door needs. Experts can help you decide on the right type of shutters, doors, or gates for your property.

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