Factors to Consider When Is the Right Time to Start Schooling

Author : Kevin Wang | Published On : 04 Aug 2021

Most parents are having challenges assessing when is the right time for their children to start their education. As protective as parents are, it is still difficult for them to put their child’s safety in the hands of other people. Although some parents also let their kids go to preschool as young as three years of age, the decision as to how young a kid starts schooling still lies on the family’s lifestyle, routines and life choices.

The decision as to when a child starts schooling ultimately depends on their parents. However, there are still some indicators that will help us determine whether or not our child is ready to face the world without us holding their hands. Sad to say, many parents tend to forget to take these into consideration when gauging their children’s preparedness to go to school.

How old is your child?

There are some qualifications that preschools require prior to accepting children as learners. In most cases, they set a minimum age of kids that they accept. As for those in NSW, kids are required to be at least three years old by the holidays of that academic year before they can start schooling. This means that children can start their preschool years at the young age of two, if they meet this criteria. Hence, the top Five Dock early childhood centre offers two different education programs; preschool education for 2-3 year olds and a different preparatory education for 3-6 year olds.

How dependent is your child?

Another factor to take into account is the child’s dependency to an adult. There are things that kids should learn at home prior to them starting their preschool. Among these are potty training, drinking and eating. These types of self-care are important for them to build rapport with fellow learners and give them more confidence when they are on their own. Luckily, there are still day care Five Dock facilities with curriculums that encompass not just the formal academic setup, but also activities aimed at improving the social skills of young kids.

How good is your child’s communication skills?

Children as young as three years old are not expected to be perfectly linguistic. However, they should have working knowledge especially when it comes to understanding directions and how to respond to it. Although the leading child care Five Dock institutions are ready to help improve your child’s communication skills, we need to set our expectations clearly. The development of kids’ communication abilities may take some time as it is crucial for them to first have a sense of trust with their caregivers or teachers. With this being said, it is still best for parents to teach the basic speaking and listening skills to their children before sending them in a formal classroom or educational care setup.

One important thing to consider is that every child develops at their own pace. Each child is unique. There are a few that need special attention, and a few that do not need much attention at all.

Can your child handle transitions?

Transitioning is usually a huge problem for new learners. If your child is easily focused and gets engrossed on certain activities at a time, it might be a good idea to start working with that before allowing them to start preschool. This is because preschools usually operate on a fixed schedule that continuously transitions through different subjects. For example, for an hour they might have playtime and then a nap time after.

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