Extend your camera reach with the telescopic Insta360 floating selfie stick

Author : 3PV Ltd | Published On : 24 Apr 2022

Everyone loves to have a versatile gadget. With time, the latest technology is getting updated the advancement is there in the apparatus we are using in our day-to-day life. 


People uses selfie sticks with smart phones for quite a long time. At present, the insta360 floating selfie stick is hitting the market with its new and unique features to capture your every step either you are on land or underwater. This is a modular carbon fiber bend-resistant stick that captures your moments invisibly. It has two lenses on both sides. When it overlaps, the stick becomes invisible.


 It is one of the coolest techniques to lock your pretty insane creative moments. The stick is designed in a way to disappear when you click. It feels as if the camera is floating. Its telescopic pole is used with or without floaty to give full safety to your camera even in the roughest ocean condition. It is used to an extended length for a minimum of 1 minute.


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Our invisible floating stick is pretty straightforward to use. All you need is to attach the camera to a selfie pole to elevate it. Now, put the camera over your head and enjoy capturing every moment. Our floating selfie stick offers the versatility to mount any compact 360 action cam like GoPro Max, Insta360 and most other brands 360cams up to 160gr / 5.6 oz. Our Aqua pole Pro is fitted with a ¼ inch stainless screw. It is compatible with all the cameras and smart phone adapters available on the market. 


The invisible floating selfie stick is used for floaty, telescopic poles and both jointly. Create photos videos like never before as you are standing in a miniature world. It is great to have a stick with enough length to get a panoramic sight view. You can go with an ultra-long stick of creating a mimic drone effect. Now, click from the places that are actually out of your reach.


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