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Author : Eli Ivan | Published On : 15 Oct 2021

Shopping is always a struggle, but I decided to buy this bedding Coverlet Set, even though summer is over, I think I still need this bedspread quilt.

I didn't want to buy this at first. I went back and forth on the size, worried that it would not meet my requirements. But I'm glad I bought it now! It has a beautiful color. I bought a large Green, the color is very natural, and the white bed transition is very natural, no color jump. It looks perfect in my Asian-themed room. For reference, I have a queen-size double bed with no spring box. The mattress is about 16 inches on a 14-inch platform bed frame. The bedspread quilt wasn't hanging on the floor, which was perfect for me.

I'm happy with my purchase and glad I didn't give up trying because of my momentary hesitation. I think in many cases, if you don't do a lot of things, you will miss it. I hope that you can not miss what you want to do because of worries. Sometimes you will find the result is much better than expected.https://www.amazon.com/DP/B09D7P7B8K