Explanation of Terms and Definitions in Football

Author : indahpe permatap9 | Published On : 19 Dec 2021

Terms and Definitions in Football In football, of course, we know a lot of terms that are often spoken by both players, coaches, football observers, and even society in general. Terms that are often spoken are often unfamiliar or unfamiliar based on our hearing.
Here I will explain about the terms in football that we often hear that I managed to quote from various sources.

1. Back Heel
Back Heel is a kicking trick in soccer that is kicking using the heel of the foot. This trick is powerful enough to trick the enemy.

2. Back Pass
Player bait towards the goalkeeper in an effort to secure the defense area.

3. Ball Possession
That is the term for ball possession, meaning how long or the percentage of time the ball falls to the feet of all players of a club in a match

4. Bicycle Kick
An acrobatic kick into the opponent's goal to welcome a cross by jumping back to the goal while kicking the ball past the kicker's head (salto kick).

5. Clearing
Block the ball in the defensive area as far forward as possible.

6. Counter Attack

7. Diving
A player who deliberately drops himself, as if violated by an opposing player, in the hope of getting a violation in the form of a free kick or penalty.

8. Dribbling
Technique of dribbling (carrying) the ball.

Is a strategy to stack players in the defensive area and usually only leaves 1 front player.

10. Handsball
Players (other than the goalkeeper) touch the ball with their hands. The goalkeeper will also be declared handsball if he touches the ball outside the penalty area.

 11. Home and away
Home means playing at home and away playing at the opponent's cage.

12. Intercept
Usually called a way to cut the opponent's pass.

13. Offside
This means that the attacking player is in a position closer to the opponent's goal than the opposing defender before the ball is passed by his partner. Factors that can prevent players from being yallashoot offside even though they are in an offside area by not picking up the ball or being inactive and when a friend passes us, stand outside the field (if we are outside the field, we are considered inactive) and enter the field chasing the ball. If a player violates offside, Team B in the example above will get a fixed free kick at the scene.

14. Overlap
A term usually used for a winger, when a defender assists the attack.

15. Nutmeg
Is a ball pass that passes both feet of the opponent.

16. Pedalada
The technique of moving your feet and dancing on the ball is like pedaling a bicycle to deceive your opponent, or in other words rocking the samba.

17. Derby Match
Is a match between a football team that brings together two teams, each of which has a history and high rivalry. Derby matches can occur because of the competition for achievements between the two teams, the rivalry between two teams of one city that makes the match prestigious.

18. Rabona
Rabona or Laboona is a technique in kicking the ball where the foot used to kick the ball is crossed behind the pedestal.
Players who have been instrumental in providing feedback to their teammates so that they result in goals

19. Roulette
Roulette means to spin. The technique of dribbling the ball by turning the body while moving on the ball.

20. Silver Goal
Is the term for goals scored in extra time where after the goal is scored, the match will be stopped after the nearest extra time period has ended. If a goal occurs during the first extra period, then the match ends after the rest of the half ends.