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Author : George Williams | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Experts Recommended Portrait Painting Styles To Choose From

Every portrait painter, upon taking a new order is bombarded with a flurry of requests from their clients about the different types of Family Portrait Painting that they can create for them. Ideally there are many types of portrait painting which have their own different specifications. For further information about portrait painting, visit this website.

There are myriad different types that the portrait painters are aware of and accordingly offer such services to the clients. However, there are four common variants that you should know about and definitely give them a try.

Full Length

Full-length portraits consist of the subject’s full body into the portrait frame. There is also a subtle involvement of a background of the portrait apart from the person’s body. These are basically contextual portraits and in most of the cases people choose such style for graduation, marriage or family portrait paintings.  These types of portraits are similar to the 17th-century aristocratic era and oil and acrylic paint is used to create the art.


The Half-Length portrait depicts the upper half of a human body. These types of portraits are super common amongst the modern customers and the subjects either sit or stand in their position. In this case, there is a scope of creating an effective background that will complement the subject.

Bust View

The Bust View focuses totally on the head and the neck of the person. This type of portraits eliminates the scope of a significant background and the focus is solely on the face of the subjects. Artists minutely create the face profile which comprises of the subtleties of the expression on the face of the subject and other facial intricacies.


A Tronie is a type of portrait that depicts the normal and natural human expressions and instincts on the subject’s face. This is one of the most creative forms of portrait which showcases the natural expressions of the subject whilst they are not focused in a pose.

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