Everything You Need to Know About Hindi Literature

Author : Rahil Kumar | Published On : 18 Sep 2021

Hindi literature Video and Audio, are the two masterpieces of Hindi literature. Hindi literature further conventionally comprises those practices of Muslim writers (including Jayasi) in the Persian script in which all the contents are written in Hindi rather than Islamic.

It initially started to develop in the 7th century AD and spread consistency in the 10th. Nearly all the more beginning literature is in verse and a language other than Khari Boli. The end, on which the current standard Hindi language and Urdu language are based, was not generally used as a literary language continuously at the end of the 17th century. Braj continued as a means for poetry until the late 19th century, however, Khari Boli has now supplanted it. Therefore the peculiarity is that the style of modern Hindi literature is distinct from that of more beginning periods.

Hindi literature mainly involves literature (Video and Audio) in the different Central Zone Indo-Aryan styles which have writing systems. It is broadly categorized into four conspicuous patterns based on the time of creation. They are included as:

  1. Vir-Gatha Kal between 11th–14th century
  2. Bhakti Kal poems between the 14th–18th century
  3. Riti or Srngar Kal poems between the 18th–20th century
  4. Adhunik Kal between 20th century onwards


The Hindi literature was written in languages such as Awadhi, Kannauji, Khariboli, Braj, Bundeli, as well as Magahi, Bhojpuri, Marwari, and Chhattisgarhi. From the 20th centenary, works composed in Standard Hindi, a record of Hindustani inscribed in the Devanagari script, are seldom observed as the only evidence of modern Hindi Literature.


Who is the father of modern Hindi literature?

When it comes to the father of Hindi Literature, how can anyone forget Bharatendu Harishchandra. He is honored as the Father of Modern Hindi Literature, Sir Bharatendu Harishchandra who died nearly 132 years ago, on January 6, 1885. Bharatendu Harishchandra was one of the most renowned Hindi literature writers whose reporting revealed India's social existence. Bharatendu Harishchandra started writing poetry at the age of five and was further known as a polyglot, that is he was extremely versed in multiple languages, including Punjabi, Marwari, Bengali, and Gujarati. He was born in Varanasi on September 9, in the year 1850.

Hindi literature Video and Audio are incomprehensible without Sir Bhartendu Harishchandra who was one of the most prominent Hindi writers of contemporary India. Additionally, recognized as the father of Hindi literature. A well-known writer of many life pictures travel stories, and dramas, Sir Bhartendu Harishchandra used to compose under the pen name “Rasa”. In his performances, he managed to describe the sufferings of the Indian crowds, poverty, hunger, ruthless exploitation, the change of the middle class, and the demand for the growth of India.


Prehistoric time and leadership

Sir Bhartendu Harishchandra was born in Varanasi. If we talked about his family, his father's name was Mr. Gopal Chandra who was also a poet and scriptwriter who is recognized for creating the first modern drama in Hindi, ‘Nahushnatak Bhartendu’.

Nevertheless, he was very much addicted to soporific and passed away at an early age. Sir Bhartendu Harishchandra had then lost his mother shortly and therefore became an orphan. When he was 15 years old, he went on a trip to Jagannath, Sir Bhartendu Harishchandra was then inspired by the Bengal Renaissance, which was a cultural, human, cerebral, and creative movement in the Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent.


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