Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Recycling

Author : Byrne Resources Group | Published On : 21 Apr 2021

Construction waste is becoming a major environmental concern in our society. Every year millions of tons of waste are created in construction sites. Most of the construction projects involve the demolition of concrete structures like foundations, driveways, and sidewalks. It can be recycled in a concrete recycling plant and reused in various ways. Let us know more about concrete recycling and its reuse.

How is concrete waste generated?

Concrete waste is a major part of construction waste that ultimately rests in landfills. Basically, it is generated due to the following reasons –

  1. When old buildings are demolished to make new structures or to renovate the place, concrete waste is generated.
  2. The destruction caused by the disasters also leads to concrete waste. Earthquakes, wars, and fire can be the reason for building collapse.
  3. Concrete waste is also generated in destructive methods like the concrete cube, cylindrical testing, railroad ties etc

How is concrete waste recycled?

Concrete is broken up using large industrial crushing equipment with jaws. After breaking, it is screened to remove the unwanted dust, dirt, and particles. Large and small aggregates are separated. Sometimes processes like water flotation, separators, and magnets are also used for removing unwanted particles.

Benefits of concrete recycling

There are many benefits associated with concrete recycling –

  1. Using recycled concrete is budget-friendly. As you will not have to buy fresh material and the transportation cost will also cut down. There will be no need to buy raw material and transport the debris to landfills.
  2. If concrete debris is recycled, it saves landfill space.
  3. Recycling plants will need people to work, which creates employment opportunities.
  4. It will save natural resources like coal, oil, and gas. As there will be less demand for new material.
  5. The formation of new material causes pollution. Using recycled concrete is environment-friendly.
  6. Recycled concrete is a good and cheaper substitute for gravel in construction sites.  

Use of recycled concrete

When waste concrete is recycled in recycling plants, the recycled material can be used for the following purposes –

  1. Recycled concrete can be used as the dry aggregate for new concrete in the construction sites. It can be used in the making of curbs, gutter, sidewalks, and street bases.
  2. It can be used in wire gabions to make economic retaining walls. These gabions and cages are used to protect the embankments and structures.
  3. Concrete can be used in rip-rap revetments, which is a method for controlling stream bank erosion. 
  4. Recycled concrete is used as a landscaping product in garden walls, rockeries, raised beds, and garden paths.

For all your concrete crushing and concrete recycling needs, there are various recycling plants in Queensland. You can contact them and take a concrete recycling service.