Everything About Stud And Yoke Type Track Roller

Author : PS Bearings Bearings | Published On : 20 Apr 2021

If you are seeking the best track roller for transmitting high radial load, then the stud and yoke type track rollers are a perfect choice. This type of roller is mostly used for various applications due to its load-carrying capacity. Both the stud and yoke-type track roller are available in single or double row design. So you can select the track roller according to your requirements. Before buying the track roller, you must know everything about the roller.
Features of these rollers
Yoke Type Track Roller is the double-row unit mounted on the stud. This roller comprises the thick-walled outer ring with the cylindrical roller set. The bearing without the cage has a higher amount of the rolling element. They have a high load-carrying ability that makes them suitable for many applications such as bed ways, cam gear, and more. This roller can support high axial load and radial loads from skewed running.
Another popular track roller is stud-type rollers. They have thick-walled outer rings with the surface, axial washer, cylindrical roller set, and others. This type of roller can support the high radial load from skewed running, and slight misalignment. Both types of track rollers offer higher performance. So you can use it for different applications and get the desired result.
Stud Type Track Rollers have a higher load-carrying capacity. Along with this, the stress can be reduced due to the result of an optimized lateral surface profile. It has a greater surface quality and also offers excellent robust bearing preparation with the maximum lifespan.
Applications of Support Rollers
The Support Roller is specially designed to operate on different kinds of tracks. It is used in a conveyor system, cam drive, and others. The manufacturer offers support rollers in various variants and designs. Support rollers come without or with an inner ring, seals, flange rings, cage, and much more. You can select the best support rollers which perfectly suitable for your requirements. This roller is used for various applications such as
-    Mining
-    Metal Processing
-    Material handling
-    Mineral Processing and Cement
-    Construction
-    Railways
-    Agriculture and more
The major reason for choosing this roller is its long-lasting durability and handles the high radial load. The think-walled outer ring allows it to support the high load when bending stress and reducing distortion. The crowned outer ring running the surface can be advantageous for different applications where the edge stress wants to be reduced.

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