Enhance your adventure by capturing every moment with carbon fiber action Cam Pole

Author : 3PV Ltd | Published On : 30 Apr 2022

Action cams are compact size digital cameras with waterproof quality that allows them to use anywhere. It is more compact than a standard point shoot or DSLR. Mount on the dashboard or underwater, it will give you only high-quality photos and videos. 


If you love to surf, skydive, roller coaster, or a room chandler, use it to record unique angles by just fixing it with a cam pole. Place near to the play like with basketball hoop, volleyball net, cricket bat or other and cover the unconditional movement. It is powered with a high frame rate recording to improve your game. Mount or pole helps you to frame the action better.


Buy the carbon fiber pole from the 3PV store. Here, you will get a wide array of accessories that are used for ease to handle your costly gadgets and to capture all your moments. Fix your camera above the crowd and capture your selfie shots and all other memories in your surroundings. Our poles are of carbon fiber that consists of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon. It gives low weight with high stiffness and high-temperature bearable qualities to give higher durability and strength to the product. 


Record top-notch quality 4k videos, capture all your moment with excellence and transfer the photos and videos easily on your smart phone by using Wi-Fi. All you need is to adjust the pole to the direction and pull to extend it. It has an internal single twist locking mechanism to lock the pole at any length. Our carbon fiber action cam pole holds well GoPro and Insta 360 Cams smart phones and all other brand action cameras up to 160 gr / 5.6 oz.


Its T80 + F40 combo is unsinkable. It is powered with a ¼ on top screw and bottom screw hole to fix easily in all camera accessories. It has anti-skid and anti-slip-resistant material that won’t slip easily from your hand or underwater.

It allows 306 0 on the fly pan adjustment of an action camera via rotation of a thumb wheel. Our carbon fiber poles are corrosion resistant. It cannot corrode if used in saltwater. Use it to 50 ft depth. Once your task is over, and you are on the dry land, open the interior and wash out with fresh water. It is a dynamic element to capture all your videos and photos. Make a purchase today and relish your every captured moment!