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Author : raz smiths | Published On : 10 Jun 2021

I take note of which side that there's any writing or etching on the rim and which side that goes in this case this goes on the sprocket side and that's pretty typical so also take note of whether or not any threads are showing above the spoke nipples, in this case, these are two outer spokes and both of swm motorcycles have about two threads showing and then the two inner spokes here have about three to four threads showing for each one and that seems pretty consistent all the way around the rim that's going to help me.

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A lot when i start putting the rim back together and truing it up sometimes all the spokes are the same but you can have as many as four different types of spokes on a wheel when breakdown wheels i always keep four separate groups of spokes at least until i confirm whether or not they're different but i typically just label bags and keep them all separate here i've got the spokes from my break this side inner spokes sprocket side inner spokes sprocket side outer spokes and my brake disc side outer spokes so in this case i've got inner and outer spokes for the sprocket side i don't know if you can see that or not but there's a slight variation in the angle at the top of the spokes so it's important to keep these separated.

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So if you look at the hub you've got four different sets of spokes basically you've got the outer spokes on the sprocket side the inner spokes on the sprocket side and then the inner spokes on the break this side and the outer spokes on the break this side if you look at the hub from this angle you can see the inner spokes form a ring here and the outer spokes form a ring here before i start putting the spokes in i put some anti-seize on them and i like to stick kind because it's a lot less messy than the kind of squeeze tube i'll put a link in the video description just don't mistake it for your chapstick [Music] so as I mentioned before i'll start with the inner spokes put all those into the hub now i'm going to do the same thing with the outer spokes and the outer spokes going to go the opposite direction and they'll lay on top of those inner spokes.

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  All right this is the sprocket side of my hub and the riding on my rim is on this side so before i start attaching any spokes i want to make sure i've got that oriented correctly so on the rim half of the holes are pointed upward toward this side of the hub and half of the holes are pointed downward toward the other side of the hub obviously these spokes are going to go in the upward-facing holes you have holes facing up and down you also have holes facing left and right and so those correspond with the spoke and which way the direction electric trial bike the spoke is going the wheel will basically tell you where each boat goes so i'm just going to start with the outer spokes and loosely get