E-Collars 101

Author : Slack Tony | Published On : 22 May 2021

Elizabethan collars are plastic or fabric cone-shaped devices that fasten around a pet’s neck to prevent them from self-traumatizing. They’re commonly used when a pet is recovering from a wound or surgery. Learn more about E-collars in this article from a veterinarian Metairie, LA.

History of the E-collar

E-collars are named after the ruffs worn by the wealthy class in Elizabethan-era England. The modern E-collar for pets was patented in the U.S. in the mid-1900s and has been in use ever since.

Sizing Tips

The tip of the E-collars cone should sit near your pet’s nose, theoretically allowing them to eat and drink without taking the collar off (don’t expect your pet to cooperate fully, though). And make sure the collar isn’t too loose or too tight.

Using an E-Collar on Your Pet

Keep an eye on your pet while they’re using the e-collar; it’s easy for them to get it stuck in tight spaces. And you might have to take it off to let them eat and drink, then refasten it when they’re done.

Want help with your pet’s E-collar? Want to learn more about these fascinating devices? Contact your vet Metairie, LA. We’re here for you!