Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Prohibited Items

Author : Infinite Recovery | Published On : 20 Jul 2021

The treatment provided by drug and alcohol detox centers is very specific. They prohibit the use of certain items in their care. Some items are prohibited because addicts and their families may be in distress while arranging detox. This could lead to the patient being barred from the detox center. It is important to understand what items are prohibited before you check in to an alcohol detox program.

These are the top 10 items that are banned from entering a detox facility. These items are prohibited by almost all detox centers.


At any detox facility in the nation, weapons such as guns, knives and brass knuckles, or baseball bats, batons, stun guns, and mace are all prohibited. Items that are not specifically intended to be weapons, but could be used as such, may also be banned. This includes razors, box cutters and multi-tools as well as pen-knives, pen-knives and ratchets.

·Pornographic Materials

Detox should not include porn. You should only be focusing on the treatment of Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and abstinence. Other patients and staff may find porn offensive. It might even be illicit now and again in the area where the detox center is located.

·Hate Materials

Drug or alcohol detox centers generally do not allow materials that promote hate. These materials include clothing, expressions of gang signs and material, posters, images or drawings with hateful ideastion or racist, sexist, or other hateful materials. Hateful items are not conducive to the success and isolation of detox programs.

·Expire Drugs

While in detox, you will not be allowed to take expired medications or medications that were not prescribed for you. Medical professionals will evaluate your medical needs and allow you to refill or adjust the medication in the right setting.

Also, any medications that have not expired but not taken in a while will be declined until a medical assessment has been done. You should always bring any medication you take with you.

·Household Items of Abuse

It is not allowed in detox if it is possible to abuse it. It can be alcohol-containing products like mouthwash, cleaners and aerosol sprays. Or it could include vanilla extract, aerosols, legal herbs, cleaning chemicals such as furniture polish and computer duster, whiteout, permanent markers, and other household items that addicts abuse.

You can discuss with your therapist if you have a legitimate need for any of these items during detox. You shouldn't bring these items to detox.

·Drug or alcohol abuse

Detox centers don't promote drug or alcohol abuse, and will not allow patients to do this. It is strictly forbidden to wear hats, jackets, or other clothing that promotes or actively glorifies drug or alcohol use. Pictures, posters, images, etc. that celebrate or depict drug abuse and drinking are also prohibited.

Detox and other treatment centers don't allow residents or patients to glorify their substance abuse.

·Paraphernalia and implements

Paraphernalia, and other implements that are commonly used to abuse substances, are strictly forbidden. You can use empty aluminum cans, tinfoil or empty toilet paper rolls, lighters or matches to lighten your load, as well as pipes and needles.

·Excessive jewelry

Detox is not the place to flaunt or show off expensive jewelry or clothes. It is acceptable to bring a wedding ring, an engagement ring, and some kind of religious pendant or charm. However, most other jewelry should be left at home. It is possible for jewelry to be lost or stolen from detox centers.

  • Cell Phones/Video Games/Computers

Some detox centers allow patients to use their cell phones under semi-supervised conditions at certain times. However, many others do not. Cell phones make it easy to access the outside world and to purchase drugs or alcohol. They also allow you to arrange for a ride to stop treatment early, quit using, etc. For the same reasons, computers are usually disallowed. However, some facilities may offer limited access to computers for patients.

Also, while detoxing for a few days, it is a waste of time to use your cell phone or computer as a video game. Most people detox in less than 10 working days. This means that there is very little time for games, phone chats, or surfing the internet. These items are limited to ensure that patients remain focused during treatment.

·Drugs and Alcohol

All types of alcohol and drugs are prohibited in detox centers in the United States. Most cases of violations result in immediate dismissal from any program.

Consequences of bringing prohibited items

Although each case is unique, there could be severe consequences if you bring any of these items to a drug detox or alcohol rehabilitation facility. This could lead to the termination of your program, as well as any benefits. It can also result in criminal or civil persecution. Someone care you if you care for is going through a detox, make sure you find out what items are banned before you go.

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