Do you know how to maintain the laser?

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

Correct laser maintenance can extend the life of the laser. We only need to follow the steps below, what do we need to prepare?

1. Microfiber cloth
Please make sure that the microfiber cloth is specially designed for lens cleaning. You can buy it at a local camera or glasses store.
2. Cotton swabs or toothpicks
You need to use a cotton swab or a fiber cloth folded in front of your eyes to clean the blue laser pointer lens.
3. Lens cleaning kit (optional)
If you cannot clean the lens thoroughly with a microfiber cloth, you need to use a lens cleaning kit. Make sure that the cleaning kit is specifically designed for lens cleaning.

Class of laser pointer

Class I: Low output Green laser pointer (power less than 0.4mw). There is basically no harm to the eyes, and the safety of the design can be guaranteed without special management.

Class I?: Low-output visible laser (power 0.4mW-1mW), usually less than 1mw laser, can cause dizziness and unable to think, use closed eyes to protect, generally can eliminate the symptoms. Do not observe directly in the beam, and do not directly irradiate the eyes of others with a laser less than 1mw, and avoid observing ClassI? lasers with distant vision equipment.

Class I? has I?A and I?B:

ClassI?A is a continuous laser with visible light, and the output is 1-5mW laser beam. Avoid using distant vision equipment to observe the I laser, which may increase the risk. Like ClassI?, do not observe directly in the beam, and do not use Class?A laser directly. Shine the eyes of others.

Class I?B continuous laser is 5-500mw, it is dangerous to observe directly in the beam, and do not use Class ?B laser to directly irradiate the eyes of others, which will be even more dangerous.

Class IV is a high output continuous high power laser pointer (greater than 500mw), higher than the third level, there is a danger of fire, diffuse reflection is also dangerous, especially worthy of attention. Children, please avoid watching this type of laser directly.

Summary: Class II, Class I III A, Class I III B, and Class IV products have certain hazards. Please use them under guidance and supervision. Children should pay more attention to them. Please use them under the supervision of parents or other guardians.