Do you know about terpenes?

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 26 Jul 2021

True Terpenes are found in ALL plants, including the cannabis plant. They are what give plants their distinctive scent, aroma and flavor. The different varieties of terpenes present in plants come with their own benefits. As with flavonoids, terpenes are essences and scents that we associate with plants. Different Cannabis growers have their own combinations of terpenes which causes each branch to have its own unique smell. Contrary to these, the cannabinoids present in the plant do not produce any odor, but still have positive effects when used correctly.

But what are they really? Terpenes for sell from a group of phytochemicals present in a cannabis plant. Its classification depends on the carbon block units and its distribution will be subject to the synergy in the processes to obtain essential oils, environmental conditions or maturity of the plant. The only elements present in terpenes are Hydrogen and Carbon. Terpenes provide several essential functions to a plant: some plants use their terpenes as a defense mechanism to keep predators away, such as herbivorous animals or insects. Many plants use their aromatic molecules to attract pollinating insects (such as bees) which help them reproduce. Some plants emit terpenes due to stressful situations.

What about cannabis?

The terpenes in cannabis are responsible for the smell and taste of the plant. But, they emit much more than just smells and tastes. An inquiry by Dr. Ethan Russo, MD the Director of Research and Development at the International Institute of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, demonstrated that the content of terpenes offers “complementary pharmacological utilities that can reinforce and expand clinical applications by creating a synergy to improve the therapeutic index of cannabis extracts ”. This indicates that terpenes have synergistic effects when combined with cannabinoids and other terpenes. Limonene is a liquid that has a variety of uses. Its molecular structure is composed of 10 carbons and is commonly found in the peel and plant of citrus fruit, such as lemons, limes and oranges. It is typically used to flavor food or medicine. Limonene is also used in fragrances and as a powerful solvent in cleaning products due to its aroma.