Do Cats Require Wet Food? Best Wet Cat Food Singapore

Author : SG Pets Singapore | Published On : 04 May 2022

What we eat makes us who we are. Our pets are also included. However, this does not imply that we feed our cats anything that comes off the table. Cats have different nutritional needs than humans, and as a result, doing so may result in avoidable health complications.SG Pets, our brand is the most reliable and trustworthy brand which provides Best Wet Cat Food in Singapore. In this article, we have written the benefits of wet cat food for your furries.

Wet cat food comes in cans or sachets. If left unopened, it is safe to give to a cat until the expiry date. However, once opened, keep any wet cat food in a cool, dry place. The food is exposed to the air and its bacteria the moment the can is opened. When it's warm, the rate at which the food spoils accelerates. Even if the food is not contaminated by such virulent bacteria as E Coli, salmonella, or listeria, the presence of dangerous germs in the home will spoil it in the long run. The same can be said for home-cooked meals. All the brands are not good; you have to check which food suits your cat. No matter what if you have to get it checked by a vet. For the Best Wet Cat Food in Singapore visit our website and purchase products from our online store.

Three Reasons Your Cat Will Benefit From More Wet Food 

1. Improved Overall Hydration:

Many cats dislike standing or still water. Cats avoid standing water in nature because it is a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. As a result, they may be averse to drinking from a cat bowl or dish.

Rather than a dish, most felines prefer fresh, moving water from a cat water fountain or faucet. Cats may also feel vulnerable when drinking, which they do inefficiently. A single lap will only provide your cat with about 3/100 of a teaspoon.

Regardless, water is required for chemical reactions in the body, temperature regulation, and joint health and mobility. It accounts for roughly 60% of your cat's body weight, so maintaining proper hydration through adequate water intake is critical.

How can you persuade cats to drink more water? Providing plenty of freshwaters, or even purchasing a cat water fountain, can be beneficial. Feeding wet cat food is another way to increase her water intake. While it cannot completely replace water, it does help to improve her overall hydration.

 2. Increases lean body mass:

Wet food contains a lot of protein, which helps you build strong muscles. It also aids in the maintenance of muscle mass throughout adulthood and into a cat's senior years.

The total body weight of a cat is made up of lean body mass (LBM) and fat mass. LBM includes muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, and other tissues. Organs and muscles are the primary sources of metabolic activity, supporting many vital functions such as immunity, mobility, and others.

Cats naturally lose LBM as they age. Wet cat food with high protein content can help cats maintain their LBM as they age.

3. Increases Variability:

Cats, like people, can become bored with their food if they eat the same thing every day. Some cats aren't just interested in variety; they crave it. Dry food alone may not always satisfy this craving.

You can satisfy your cat's desire for new and exciting flavors and textures by including more wet food in her diet. Because wet food cans are small, it's simple to buy a variety to see what your cat prefers.

Feeding wet food will satisfy her desire for variety, whether she prefers seafood flavors in a creamy sauce, more traditional chicken pate, or her food in hearty gravy.

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