DLF Privana West: Smart Strategies for Elderly Room Setup

Author : DLF Privana West | Published On : 01 Apr 2024

You want to make your parents feel comfortable and give them the same kind of care as they did to you. However, it is not easy to do in such a busy and competitive life. You always look for the best option for your parents and the first thing you need is a home and community. DLF Privana West fulfills all your requirements regarding your parents because the developer not only builds houses, it develops communities that echo with the laughter of the elders and cheers of the children.    

DLF Privana West Sector 76 is the perfect option for your parents and children because it has zero vehicular movement in the township so your parents can enjoy walking and chatting with others. They do not have to be careful about vehicles moving around and also the environment devoid of honking remains peaceful for them. DLF Privana West Sector 76 Gurgaon offers community living which is pleasant for their parents because they do not feel lonely even in your absence. Still, you need to give them a proper personal space where they feel comfortable and safe. Here are the tips to organize a room for your elderly parents.         

1. Priorities Safety 

You should focus on safety first for your parents when they start growing older and they feel difficulty with their mobility. Installing grab bars in the bathroom and near the bed helps them to stay safe in vulnerable situations. Ensure that the bathroom has anti-skid tiles and floor in the room has rugs or carpets that increase friction and prevent them from slipping. Also, the rooms in DLF Privana West sector 76 Gurgaon have adequate lighting to protect them from the risk of any accident.       

2. Easy Accessibility

Ensure the room is spacious so that everything in the room is easily accessible for them. Organize everything for them in the room in such a way that they do not have to make unnecessary movements to access anything. However, the storage and wardrobes in DLF Privana Gurgaon are easy to access and along with that the wide doorways make their entrance easy with walkers, or wheelchairs.    

3. Comfortable Furniture

The furniture and furnishings in the room ensure comfort for your parents. Choose comfortable recliners and sofas with firm cushions. They must have proper and wide armrests along with firm and comfortable backs. Ensure that any item in the room does not have sharp edges which can harm them. The must-to include furniture items for your parents are the firm and stable bedside lamp, a side table with drawers for medicines, and easy-to-access hooks and holders to hang their coats, caps, or other clothes. The 4BHK apartments in DLF Privana New Launch have apt rooms for your parents.    

4. Relaxing Atmosphere

Create a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere for your parents in their room by installing different colors of lights and ensuring that they get proper natural light. Install the curtains and blinds in such a way that they can enjoy natural light when they need it or they block it when they want to take a nap. The DLF Privana Floor Plan has been designed in such a way that it receives enough natural light and has proper ventilation.      

5. Smart Technology  

You must use smart technology to ensure that your parents get the utmost comfort even in your absence. You can install automated smart lights and fans in their rooms which they can use with the voice command and they do not have to leave their bed. The emergency call system will help you to attend to them whenever they need so you don’t have to worry about them every time and you can focus on your work. The apartments in DLF Privana Gurgaon come with smart home features that ensure the utmost level of safety and comfort.  


 This way by investing in DLF Privana West Sector 76 Gurgaon, you can everything to your parents that you have ever wanted. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for DLF Privana Launch Date for much longer because the booking for DLF Privana West Sector 76 has started. You should also book a unit soon because the DLF Privana Price is reasonable. In a nutshell, you can ensure a fulfilled life in DLF Privana West for every member of your family.

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