Discover the 5 benefits of technology at the construction site!

Author : RODERICK YOUNG | Published On : 20 Jan 2022

The technology helps to streamline and optimize the management of all fronts of a work, whether in the design and budget phase, or in the execution phase. With innovative tools and planning programs , resources are used responsibly, reducing costs, increasing productivity and more dynamic processes.

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Benefits of technology at the construction site

1. Process automation

The management of a work requires organization and attention so that resources are well used and services are done in the best possible way. With the help of software that integrates the different areas of construction, it is easier to monitor and update all information in real time. In this way, the manager has full knowledge of the events at the jobsite, even if he is far from the work.

In addition to optimizing the inspection work , these technologies generate automatic reports that include the main information of the enterprise, which can be shared with the construction team and with the client.

2. Less rework

Services that have flaws and need to be redone mean waste of material and loss for the construction company. Therefore, it is important to have innovative tools such as drones, computerized winches and other modern equipment to monitor activities and carry them out with greater precision.

3. Less costs

A great benefit of using technology at the construction site is having full control over the raw material, in which all the stock is managed by software, which warns when a product is out of stock and monitors the use of each item. All this avoids material waste and, consequently, extra expenses for the company custom home builders in Portland Oregon.

4. Greater security

Safety at work is an important issue in any construction, no matter how simple it may be. Having monitoring and safety technologies — such as drones that allow you to check all running services — helps to check for dangerous situations that can cause accidents.

5. Compliance with rules

The term compliance can be translated as acting according to a rule, to comply with external and internal laws and regulations. The use of technologies — such as management software at the construction site — makes it possible to verify and ensure that all services are being carried out in accordance with the standards, as well as certifying that all construction documents are up to date with the inspection bodies.

Key technologies at the construction site

There are many technological equipment and tools available to improve the quality of services on your construction site. Check out the main ones:

  • Arones: they are small aircraft controlled by cell phone or remote control that capture images in real time, expanding the field of vision of engineers and responsible;
  • Augmented reality: augmented reality superimposes images that create the sensation that virtual objects are present in the work. With this, it is possible to compare the elements actually executed in the construction with the projects, checking possible errors and failures;
  • Bioconcrete: this material was created to make buildings more sustainable , being able to regenerate their own cracks. This is possible by incorporating the bacterium bacillus pseudofirmus into the concrete mix, which produces calcium carbonate, and causes the cracks in the structure to be sealed.

As you have seen, technology at the construction site aims to provide construction with the latest in management and tools, offering opportunities to improve productivity , reduce costs and increase the quality of services.

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