Digital Media Studies Management Science

Author : mohamed kaif | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

The Digital Media Studies Management Science (DMSMS) program (Post Graduate Diploma) provides a pathway for students to gain the competencies within the context of digital media marketing. The program explores the interrelationship between digital media management and information technology as well as new media design. On completion of the program, students can follow a career path in digital media. In collaboration with highly qualified and experienced industry professionals, this program is designed to provide students with the most updated and in-depth knowledge and skills in the digital media world.

The 10 theory courses are provided in a blended form, via classroom, distance education, and applicable activities (i.e. guest speakers, field trips). It also includes a co-op placement to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class.

Students will be able to gain work experience in multimedia, social media, television-film-video production, and web content creation and design companies. They can also enter careers in management and research, digital media specializations, search engine optimization, and digital marketing and communications.

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