Different Ways to Find the Best Tattoo Removal Product

Author : Katherine Newman | Published On : 30 Jul 2021

Thanks to the availability of tattoo removal products in the market today, you don’t need to live with an inked pattern that you don’t like anymore. You can choose a product or a method as per your requirements and remove unwanted tattoos easily. To find the best tattoo removal product for your requirements, you need to consider a few factors.

Effective Results

If you are removing a tattoo, it is likely that you will want it completely gone. There are creams and peels available in the market to remove tattoos. But at best, these creams can fade the pigment a bit. Peels can remove the skin with pigments, but the results may not be pretty. You can even try home remedies for tattoo removal (aloe vera, salt, lemon juice, etc.). The best removal product will thoroughly remove the ink from your skin. Lasers are suitable for removing tattoos. But even these light beams also cannot remove all colors from tattoos. So, choose the product that shows the best results for tattoo removal.

Number of Sessions

Depending on the size of the tattoo and the ink used, your provider will suggest a certain number of sessions that may be necessary. But these sessions can be more or less depending on the results you get after each session. Lasers require at least 6-10 treatment sessions with sufficient time for recovery post each session. You can choose a method that feels right to you, depending on the number of sessions required for tattoo removal. The fewer the number of sessions, the better it is for you. Each of these procedures involves the use of local anaesthesia. So, you can lessen the discomfort by choosing a method with few sessions but with guaranteed results.

Cost and Duration

The cost of the removal method depends on the number of sessions you will need. Laser treatments can cost more per session. So, the price will be generally higher. Creams are not very expensive, but you won’t get any good results by using them to remove your tattoos.

It is not possible for everyone to spend hours at a time removing tattoos. If you are looking for a quick yet effective remedy, choose a compelling product that must not be more than 10 minutes in duration. A session for Dermabrasion and laser are usually of longer durations.

Healing Period and Safety

It takes time for the skin to heal post tattoo removal treatments. The skin can require up to 2-3 weeks for healing post Dermabrasion sessions. The recovery period from laser treatments takes up to 10 days to a few weeks depending on the tattoo size.

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a tattoo removal product or method. Lasers can cause some scarring if not done correctly. Dermabrasion can make the skin raw and red. Your skin can react adversely to creams; and even lemon and salt rubs. The raw skin can become infected and cause you more problems.

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