Different types of tungsten wedding rings

Author : buccellasi rings | Published On : 23 Aug 2021

Tungsten carbide rings have developed the reputation of being one of the durable types of wedding rings. It is extremely difficult to scratch due to its hardness. There is a wide variety of designers tungsten wedding rings types and categories, they have got you covered.

They are the longest lasting and the most durable of any wedding rings currently available in the market. There are so much to choose from beveled, brushed, inlay, diamond and so on. No matter what your tastes or style, you would be able to find the perfect wedding ring. There are different types of jewellery grade tungsten carbide that are priced higher than rings made with lower quality tungsten carbide grades. That is why you would see a wide range of prices for tungsten rings. Here we will discuss different types of tungsten rings.

1: Black tungsten rings –Black tungsten rings are made with a plate over the natural gray tungsten.A womens black tungsten rings arealways in and let you set apart from the run of the mill rings fromothers have. There are a variety of styles in black that stand you out. With a ring of black ceramic and tungsten, the two-tonestylehas the class of black with the durability and shine of tungsten.

2: Faceted tungsten rings – When it comes to ring styles, the most common are domed and pipe cut style rings. They are very simple and classic, maybe not stylish enough to suit you. A faceted ringis much more your style. Whether it is simple beveling, grooves or more modern deep cut facets around your band.

3: Carbon fiber inlays –The carbon fibre inlays are an attractive option for tungsten rings. They can convey different modes and different styles statements on the same occasion. While some are somber white or jet black, others can be bold purple or blue.

4: Tungsten rings burnished with diamonds –Tungsten rings with Diamonds and precious stones adjust made in very plain styles as a result of the toughness of the tungsten carbide metal. Diamond and gemstones are polished flushes into the surface of the ring set with a plain bezel. Tungsten diamond bans a prominent among men and ladies to use as a wedding ring.

5: Coloured tungsten wedding rings – Coloured tungsten rings are regularly made in black and gold. The plating can be set onto both an excellent dome and flat band. A tungsten rings silver are and an optional metal choice for those looking for a genuine kind of ringthat is tough and monetarily well disposed to their wallet.

If those styles don’t strike your fancy look, you can ask for a custom image and create a one-of-a-kind band for you and your loved ones.